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Your favorite hiring conference is going virtual. Join us for the first Greenhouse Open Forum event, coming to a screen near you on May 4 – free for all attendees.

It’s time to get real about the state of hiring. Most companies know that talent is critical to success and the ability to be great at hiring is one of the most important capabilities for every team and leader. Yet recruiting continues to be neglected as an under-invested and under-appreciated area within many organizations.

From our work with over 4,500 companies, we’ve seen how leaders can become champions for great hiring and help drive success for their company. Open Forum: Join the Talent Makers is a day-long event giving you a front row seat to hear directly from these leaders. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn how to become that catalyst for change in your own org (and it’s free).

A conference for each of your business goals

Our highly anticipated Open conference is back, and going virtual. We’re kicking off Greenhouse Open Forum 2021, a conference series of four one-day events that are individually themed and tailored to your needs and goals.

Over the course of these distinct conference days, you’ll have a chance to hone your expertise in key areas of hiring.

  • Talent Makers – May 4: Learn the skills and strategies you need to champion great hiring at your company and turn it into a competitive advantage
  • Building belonging – June 16: Gain the tools and strategies you need to create fairer and more equitable hiring practices at your organization in an interactive format
  • Hiring Maturity (EMEA) – September 15: Discover how you can help your company move to the next stage of the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity™ curve through the journeys of successful global companies, during an EMEA-timezone friendly day
  • Hiring Maturity (North America) – October 6: Discover how you can help your company move to the next stage of the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity™ curve through the journeys of top companies, best fit for the North American region

This year’s conference series may look a bit different, but attendees will gain the same interactive learning experience that’s synonymous with Greenhouse – from customer success stories to thought leadership discussions you won’t want to miss. This new digital format will allow our Open community to participate, learn, collaborate and network with their peers and experts in a new way – for free and from anywhere in the world.

Join the Talent Makers on May 4

At Greenhouse Open Forum: Join the Talent Makers on May 4, you’ll meet and learn from business executives, talent leaders and talent practitioners who have achieved success through great hiring. You’ll get inspired by joining this community of like-minded Talent Makers, and leave with innovative ways to elevate hiring in your own company.

If you want to activate a major hidden tool for organizational success, you don’t need any software but you absolutely must become the Talent Maker and catalyst for your team.
–Daniel Chait and Jon Stross, Greenhouse co-founders and authors of Talent Makers

Here’s what talent practitioners can expect

Connect and network with other talent leaders

This full-day event will include panel discussions, success stories and presentations hosted by top talent practitioners and business leaders from companies like SurveyMonkey, Toast and ThoughtWorks. You’ll have opportunities to network with fellow talent leaders and gain strategies for implementing a more structured and effective hiring process at your own company.

Get actionable hiring insights

From learning how to diversify your sourcing to synthesizing recruiting data and building a winning candidate experience, you’ll gain actionable ways to execute a successful hiring strategy. These insights will help you move away from that chaotic feeling and pain of needing to fill a role “yesterday” – toward an organized process that consistently brings in great talent and sets your company apart from the crowd.

Here’s what talent and business leaders can expect

Learn from executives at leading companies

Sessions oriented toward the business leader audience will bring you firsthand experiences from C-level executives from Airbnb, Alphabet, Pursuit, Smartsheet and more. You’ll learn from these experts, network with other business leaders and leave with an action plan for building higher-performing, more inclusive teams.

Get tools to build a winning team

Building a winning team starts with finding and attracting the best people. That’s why being world-class at hiring needs to be a core competency for you. At Open Forum: Join the Talent Makers, you’ll learn proven methods for making hiring a valued priority in your organization, and how you as a leader can be a catalyst for that transformation.

Meet the authors of this year’s must-read hiring book

We’ll also be celebrating the launch of our book Talent Makers: How the best organizations win through structured and inclusive hiring. All attendees will have a chance to connect with the authors through exclusive roundtables and other small group discussions.

We hope you’ll join us on May 4 for Open Forum: Join the Talent Makers, where we’re bringing together the best minds in hiring. All sessions are free to attend, so register now to save your spot.

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