How Taco Comfort Solutions modernized its recruiting process and saved over $100K in recruitment costs

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We’ve all faced growing pains, which were especially prevalent during recent economic turbulence. For Taco Comfort Solutions, these pains materialized in the form of antiquated HR functions that created unnecessary complex steps across their recruiting process.

Looking to streamline their recruiting process as well as strengthen their employer brand within the market, Taco Comfort needed a platform that made things more efficient and effective.

That’s where Greenhouse came in.

The challenge: Modernizing hiring practices

Before leveraging Greenhouse, the hiring team at Taco Comfort relied on manual functions. While this might not be a problem for a small team, Taco Comfort has a diverse workforce, ranging from plant jobs and office roles to engineering and HR functions. Not having a centralized source for all things hiring made it difficult for recruiters to do several things, such as:

  • Find the right candidates for roles
  • Ensure they have a good experience throughout
  • Engage unhired qualified candidates further

Taco Comfort’s Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kristen Rao, and Senior Manager of Talent Management, Amr Elfass, were ready to transform their organization’s recruiting process into more modern, centralized practices.

The solution: Structured hiring with Greenhouse

The first step to streamlining the recruiting process was to create a one-stop shop for all things talent-related. With Greenhouse, hiring managers were able to proactively source candidates via job boards instead of waiting for them to come across open roles on the company’s website.

Thanks to Greenhouse’s approach to structured hiring, from interview scorecards to templates, Taco Comfort was able to avoid redundancies across the many stages of hiring. The team was also able to continue nurturing unhired qualified candidates in the pipeline via email templates, forming lasting candidate relationships and simplifying future hiring.

Informed by the output coming from the candidate survey, we are not only able to improve the candidate experience and more consistent hiring practices – we are able to build our employer brand as well.
- Amr Elfass, Senior Manager, Talent Management, Taco Comfort Solutions

The results: Proof is in the pudding

Although it was a challenge to modernize the sourcing and recruiting process, Taco Comfort yielded positive results, such as:

  • Over $100K saved in recruitment costs
  • 20% reduction in time-to-hire
  • 83% acceptance rate on offers extended, 5% increase YoY

Through its partnership with Greenhouse, Taco Comfort created an employee brand with the right timing, cadence and word of mouth to help achieve its ultimate goal: to become the employer of choice for candidates.

With Greenhouse, our entire recruiting process was completely streamlined, which brought the time-to-hire down and was a win for everybody. It really was like a one-click button.
–Kristen Rao, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Taco Comfort Solutions

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