How Inizio created a more efficient recruiting process and cut agency spend by 50% with Greenhouse

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Many organizations rely on agency partners for everything from content creation to public relations to recruiting. Inizio – a scaled commercialization platform that unlocks, activates and optimizes value for pharma and biopharma – is no different.

Inizio used more than 160 agency partners to fill its recruiting gaps and manage nearly 300 recruiting processes. The team knew they needed a more cost-effective, streamlined process. One that would reduce recruiting costs, minimize their reliance on agencies and automate admin tasks so recruiters had more time to build a meaningful candidate experience.

They needed Greenhouse.

The challenge: Simplifying recruiting

Inizio includes 33 subsidiaries – each business has its own recruiting and human resources team and individual hiring processes. They all work with nearly 200 external agencies.

The problem?

  • Recruiting cost and agency spend was high – Inizio had spent millions on agencies alone
  • Hiring processes were inconsistent and disjointed
  • Many of the hiring process steps – like scheduling interviews – were manual
  • Reliance on agencies to keep track of 280 recruiting processes
  • Recruiting teams spent too much time on admin tasks instead of creating a memorable candidate experience

When Global Head of Talent Acquisition (TA) and Operations, Lori Hawthorne, and TA Operations Manager, Marissa Tambasco, came to Greenhouse, they wanted to simplify processes, limit their agency dependency and optimize recruiting efforts with automation.

The solution: Bring everything together in Greenhouse

Inizio needed to not only reduce recruiting costs, but also create a consistent structured hiring process across its nearly three dozen subsidiaries. But each business unit wanted to maintain autonomy and hire based on unique hiring needs. Greenhouse made it possible.

  • All things hiring live in Greenhouse – offer letters, candidates sourced from agencies and even background checks
  • Data from every recruiting and hiring activity is in Greenhouse, which has automated and streamlined processes
  • Greenhouse brings together everything – data, tasks, activities – creating a single source of trust
Our approach has been to uniformly impose eight to ten steps along the way with customization as necessary for the individual business units. Best practices are now built-in and expected thanks to Greenhouse.
– Lori Hawthorne, Global Head of TA and Operations at Inizio

The results: They speak for themselves

Bringing nearly 300 different processes across 33 business units together in a single platform is no easy feat. But Inizio did it with Greenhouse and saw impressive results, like:

  • A 50% decrease in agency spend. Pre-Greenhouse, Inizio worked with over 150 search agencies, costing millions annually. Now, the agencies Inizio works with are in Greenhouse, following a standardized recruiting process. It eliminates unnecessary admin tasks and makes recruiting and hiring more efficient, saving Inizio millions of dollars on recruiting costs.
  • Offer letter creation in seconds. Using Greenhouse's templated offer letters, Inizio creates offer letters in seconds. Because everything is in Greenhouse, Inizio can act fast on top talent and send offer letters the minute they have the negotiated terms.
  • An inclusive and equitable hiring process. Greenhouse scorecards allow Inizio's hiring teams to evaluate candidates on the same criteria. The team has also created a consistent hiring template across all business units and recruiting teams to ensure a fair and inclusive process.
We couldn't have done much of this transformation without the Greenhouse team because they've been there through every step. It's just a joy.
– Lori Hawthorne, Global Head of TA and Operations at Inizio

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