Get better hires while saving your recruiters time: a message from a Greenhouse assessment partner

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Pre-employment testing does more than improve the quality of your hires – it saves your recruiters valuable time.

With companies receiving hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of applications, it’s virtually impossible to screen all applicants before beginning to make hiring decisions. With a pre-employment test that ranks each applicant by their test score (as long as it’s been validated to show statistically significant predictability), recruiters can quickly prioritize the applicants who are most likely to perform well.

Here’s how it works at Optimize Hire:

  1. All applicants take a validated 8–10 minute pre-employment test. National completion rates are 96%.

  2. Applicant scores show up in ranked order in your Greenhouse applicant tracking system.

  3. Psychologists recommend that recruiters start by evaluating the top-scoring applicants. Decades of research and dozens of Optimize Hire validation studies show that higher scorers tend to have lower turnover and earn higher supervisor ratings.

You can think of pre-employment testing’s role in hiring like the SAT’s role in college admissions. Studies show that, on average, those who score higher on the SAT perform better in college. Of course, some people who perform poorly go on to be extremely successful, and vice versa. Like the SAT, pre-employment testing should be used as one important piece of the hiring decision.

Experts like Dr. Adam Grant support validated pre-employment testing because it’s more objective than reading resumes and conducting interviews, and aids recruiters in quickly filtering out the best applicants from a pile of resumes. The most effective approach is to combine pre-employment testing with the important tasks that recruiters are already doing. Validation studies performed by experts at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania show that Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Testing can reduce the likelihood of turnover by up to 49% and improve supervisor ratings by up to 26%.

It’s important to remember that not all pre-employment tests are created equal. When looking for ways to improve your recruiters’ experience, never compromise on the scientific efficacy of the test. The pre-employment testing company you choose should be willing and able to show you data supporting the predictive validity of their test, and transparent about the research that went into creating it.

Optimize Hire’s tests were created by Dr. Adam Grant, Saul P. Steinberg Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, using research from psychologists around the world, including Dr. Carol Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, and Dr. Shane Frederick, Professor of Marketing at the Yale School of Management, among others.

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