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Technology is consistently transforming and improving our everyday lives; from high-tech luggage to toothbrushes. Although “HR tech” once sounded like an oxymoron, it’s very real, very useful and critical for growing your organization. The best recruiting software for you is out there. You may just need some guidance to find it.

Although there’s no magic genie that can present you with the best choice, Gartner’s first Market Guide for Talent Acquisition Applications is the next best thing. It’s a helpful guide to navigate this dynamic technology landscape that allows Talent leaders to discover the best recruiting software for their needs.

Understand Gartner’s recommendations for strategic talent acquisition transformation and how TA technology impacts your business

It’s no secret that high-growth organizations know the importance of effective tools for talent acquisition, built on robust data. With the right technology in place, companies can exponentially grow and retain their biggest asset: their people. We believe that Gartner’s Market Guide for Talent Acquisition Applications will help you decide which TA tech functionalities matter most for your org. When you’re on the search for “the one,” the guide provides helpful recommendations on how to:

Review and modernize your TA solutions holistically:
Don’t have a one-track mind. Be sure to transform your strategy into broader HR initiatives, and make sure all stakeholders are aligned.

Develop a strategy to transform TA that is suitable for your org:
Dream big, but be reasonable. Think about your geographic footprint, number of employees and current/future HR application investments.

Use caution when selecting appropriate vendors:
The tech landscape is constantly changing, and it’s changing fast. Make sure you’re choosing an application that will sustain your company in the long run.

But wait! Aren’t there several variations of TA tech? Since TA solutions come in the form of stand-alone ATS offerings, combined TA suites that offer an ATS, and combinations with onboarding capabilities or data analytics tools, the guide also outlines your category options with strengths and weaknesses of each. For example, the guide points to the value of an engagement tool such as CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) if you’re looking to grow your candidate network. Additionally, it references the value of an onboarding function which helps “build the bridge from candidate to offer to hire.” You get to decide which type best aligns with your needs.

However, no matter what your needs are, Gartner points out that you’ll want to ensure that your application fits the key criteria for candidate experience, process efficiency and tech innovation.

Discover the tools of a talent acquisition suite that elevate the candidate experience

According to Gartner, “Candidate experience has become a key talent metric and an industry benchmark.” Being second best isn’t an option in the current war for talent, as most companies are striving to be the best to win the best. That’s why today’s applications are continuing to build on the evolution of TA technology to advance personalization, customization, responsiveness and the overall user experience at every step of the hiring process. Everything matters.

If you’re looking to elevate your candidate experience, you’ll want to invest in a tool that helps set you apart in the competitive talent landscape. Software like Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to customize career pages, job boards and email templates, impress applicants with focused, structured interviews and automate surveys to measure your candidate experience and get valuable feedback. These are key for reeling in positive Glassdoor interview ratings, whether the candidate received an offer or not.

Learn about diversity and inclusion technology within Gartner’s HCM evaluations

Gartner’s guide claims that “by 2020, more than 50% of large enterprises based in North America and Western Europe will include diversity and inclusion enablement criteria in their HCM technology selection processes.”

Although any forward-thinking organization knows that diversity is beneficial to the workplace, figuring out how to get there can be challenging. Exploring and investing in the right D&I; recruitment tools is a great place to start. Tools like Greenhouse Inclusion will help you mitigate unconscious bias in hiring and enable your team to make objective, data-based hiring decisions.

The overall goal of Gartner’s first market guide for Talent Acquisition Applications is to highlight the offerings available to help you address your hiring needs and requirements. Don’t be daunted by the evaluation process. Get started, do your research and make an educated choice that’s right for your team’s growth objectives.

Download the latest Gartner Market Guide
for Talent Acquisition Applications.

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