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10 more careers pages

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Your careers page is so much more than a place to publish your job openings. Think of the difference between trying to get into a club with a brusque bouncer who barely says hello as he checks your ID versus walking into a building with a friendly receptionist who greets you by name and offers you your favorite flavor of sparkling water. Sure, it takes a little extra effort to create a warm and welcoming experience, but candidates are much more likely to stick around, explore your offerings and drink that metaphorical fizzy water when you roll out the red carpet for them. If all you’re doing is funneling them to a place to drop off their resume, they’ll leave as soon as possible and quickly forget who you are and why they were interested in the first place.

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Over the years, we’ve been collecting examples of awesome, innovative and creative careers pages. Check out 10 Examples of Awesome Careers Pages, 10 More Examples of Awesome Careers Pages and Another 10 Awesome Careers Pages. And to keep the tradition going, today we’re going to share another 10 examples to help you get inspired and motivated to revamp your own page. Let’s dive in!

1. Bloomberg

Some people who visit your careers page know exactly what they’re looking for, but others might need a little more support. The Bloomberg careers page guides prospective applicants through the process, first by helping them explore internships, early career options and roles for more experienced professionals. The recruiting team also puts diversity and inclusion front and center, with an explanation of their equal opportunity approach to hiring and an email address for any applicant who has a disability and might need accommodations during the application process.

Bloomberg’s careers page is also chock-full of information for candidates, with a number of videos and frequently updated blog content that covers company news, culture and other exciting initiatives.

2. Blue Apron

Blue Apron’s careers page has all the right ingredients to whet candidates’ appetites – there are plenty of photos illustrating the company’s obsession with food, an introduction to the company’s founders and mission, and a new twist on the pretty standard practice of sharing your company values. Instead of simply listing these out as boring bullet points, Blue Apron highlights specific employees who embody these values. This tactic helps the values come to life and proves they’re not just empty phrases – it’s so much easier to understand what “We start from ‘yes’” means when there’s an anecdote and a person to associate with it. Plus, prospective candidates get the message that employees at Blue Apron are frequently recognized and celebrated for what they bring to the table.

3. ClassPass

Creating a careers page that inspires prospects to stretch their limits and try something new is no sweat for ClassPass. Visitors learn fun facts about the existing team, including the total number of minutes they’ve spent in classes together (181,750 and counting). Executive bios feature career and educational highlights as well as each person’s favorite classes. And in case there was any question about whether ClassPass employees enjoy challenging themselves athletically (and professionally), you can check out some of the highlights from #teamclasspass on social media. The ClassPass careers site demonstrates perfect harmony between company values and employer brand.

4. Glossier

Glossier’s careers page captures candidates’ attention with its sleek, magazine-like layout. The company’s core values, benefits and perks are brought to life with specific examples and quotes from real employees.

Plus, doing your homework on the company is a snap since they provide an FAQ section as well as links to recent company news and press coverage.

5. Heineken

Heineken’s careers page takes candidates on an interactive journey. “The Interview” is a series of choose-your-own-adventure questions (presented in sleek video format) that will ultimately lead you to a description of your personality and a prompt to share your LinkedIn profile with the hiring team. While you’re being entertained and challenged by the questions, you’re also getting a quick overview of Heineken’s many brands, roles and office locations. Pure genius!


Application processes can be confusing, and IDEO’s empathetic careers site anticipates this, offering a comprehensive overview of what to expect during the application and interview process. The “Inside Scoop” on IDEO’s careers page offers detailed advice on how to apply for a job while introducing the company’s work style and expectations.

Plus, to help prospective candidates learn more about IDEO’s founders and guiding principles, the The Little Book of IDEO introduces each of the company’s co-founders as well as the company’s values and philosophy. The Little Book of IDEO recognizes that IDEO might not be the right organization for everyone, which is why its purpose is to help potential new hires “make an informed decision about whether they want to come aboard.”

7. Netflix

Netflix is definitely ready for their close-up. The Netflix careers page features highly produced content that helps candidates go behind the scenes to meet real employees and hear their take on what it’s really like to work there. There’s an entire video series (and a WeAreNetflix YouTube channel) dedicated to debunking Netflix culture myths. And while these videos and podcasts have high production value, they still feel authentic and honest. Employees candidly discuss their work experience and aspects of the company culture that might be intimidating to outsiders.

8. Postmates

No stuffy stock photos in sight on the Postmates careers page. Instead, you’ll find real scenes from around the office and quotes from actual employees to help candidates visualize what it’s really like to work there.

9. Salesforce

Salesforce’s careers page takes all the guesswork out of the application process and makes it clear that transparency is a core value. A detailed timeline outlines each step from initial application to new hire onboarding, and interested candidates can read even more on the hiring process page.

Candidates can also explore nearly every aspect of the company’s benefits. There are detailed descriptions of everything from financial benefits to health and giving back initiatives. There’s also a dedicated healthcare portal so candidates can investigate which plan would be best for them – before even getting to the offer stage.

10. Spotify

Spotify’s careers page is perfectly in tune with their company brand. Candidates are invited to “Join the band” by applying directly by job category, location or career stage.

They can also go “Backstage” to learn more about the inner workings of the company. This section includes Spotify’s global Diversity & Inclusion data as well as a detailed description of their D&I; initiatives so candidates can see that this topic really does strike a chord at Spotify.

We hope these awesome careers pages have inspired you and maybe given you a few ideas to apply to your own. Remember, the best careers pages are not carbon copies of anyone else, they are honest, authentic glimpses into the companies they represent.

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