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We're approaching the end of the year – a time for review, reflection and our favorite of all, reporting. At Greenhouse, we’re always striving to find new ways to make users’ lives easier. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of report dashboards in Greenhouse, helping you access core metrics, highlight areas for improvement and drive better accountability through easy-to-use dashboards – without ever having to actually pull a report.

Before we reveal the magic of how that works, we’d like to share where this came from. Our approach to reporting evolved from some of our key beliefs and learnings:

  1. Reporting needs differ from company to company, but there are certain things that everyone needs to track and optimize their hiring practices
  2. Data familiarity varies widely from person to person within a company, and we believe that Greenhouse needs to solve – at minimum – the core needs of every one of these users

Our approach hinges on the fact that we know our users are looking for answers. Most of the time, they aren’t looking for a report, they’re looking for an answer. When we frame it this way, it’s also much easier to see other things as tools in service of this common goal – things like custom report builders, scheduled emails, dashboards, even individual pieces of information.

Our goal is to deliver answers quickly, and we see our Greenhouse reporting solutions as tools to get our users those answers. That’s also why we always strive to make it as simple, intuitive and efficient as possible for users of all types to understand their recruiting data and be able to use them to help improve their Hiring Maturity.


Our reporting evolution

Our Essential Reports offer core reports with simple answers to simple questions, with a minimal amount of customization or filtering.

Report Builder offers customizable templates that build on the information available in Essential Reports as well as blank slates for truly custom reporting on every aspect of the hiring process. This helps you answer the more complicated questions using:

  • Combinations. Tie data from one area of the product to another, or combine data from multiple essential reports – for example, an Offer details report that also includes Job details.

  • Uniqueness. Many companies have custom fields they want to report on that don't have any relevance for other companies. Report Builder gives them the flexibility to do so and removes the need for us to build an essential report for everyone.

  • Deep dives. Sometimes a specific question needs to be explored further, and Report Builder gives users the ability to spin up a single report to help answer these types of questions.

How report dashboards fit in

The new report dashboards offer a reimagined reporting experience that helps you answer the most important questions for a given process. When thinking about offers and hires, for example, some of the most important questions are ”How many offers have I sent?” and ”What is my offer acceptance rate?”

All users can benefit from an at-a-glance view, but our new dashboards will be most useful for recruiters, hiring managers, executives and other users more removed from the hiring process, users with low data familiarity and anyone who needs to understand what rather than why or how.


The dashboards offer users an at-a-glance view of the most important core metrics and trends associated with offers and hires, recruiting efficiency, sourcing and pipeline health.

And this is just the beginning. As we continue to build out our report dashboards across organizations and for various users, we’ll be thinking about:

  • Customization. Displaying dashboard widgets and visuals based on specific job roles, permission level and other use cases.

  • Actionability. Prompt optimization initiatives and in-product actions for improvements based on real-time data and benchmarks.

Even the word “report” often makes people want to run away screaming. Our goal at Greenhouse is to meet all our users where they are – making it easier and more efficient to find answers, hold themselves accountable and understand how to improve their processes. Learn more by visiting our Greenhouse support page.

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Robby Perdue

Robby Perdue

is a Group Product Manager at Greenhouse, where he focuses on the growth and retention of our Enterprise and international business segments. When not tinkering with Greenhouse reports or speaking with customers, you’ll often find him painting or trying to recreate the perfect chicken marsala.