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A typical interviewer usually has just one job in Greenhouse recruiting – interviewing candidates. But behind the scenes, recruiters spend an incredible amount of time assigning permissions to those interviewers.

We caught up with Michael Murphy, Sr. Product Manager at Greenhouse, to learn more about the simplified interviewing permissions feature and what it means for you.

Greenhouse interviewer permissions feature

GH: Why are we changing how permissions work in Greenhouse?

MM: We realized there were several problems customers were facing.

Assigning permissions for individual interviewers was taking up an inordinate amount of time, especially when many of those interviewers don’t even participate in the process

Interviewer permissions are too broad – interviewers can see interview kits for every interview on a given job and are able to view every candidate on a given job (including internal candidates they may not need to know about)

The Job Admin/Interviewer role is confusing – we’ve seen folks downgrade Job Admins to Interviewers because it seems like only Interviewers can fill out scorecards, which isn’t the behavior we intended.

So we've updated the permissions structure within Greenhouse Recruiting to address the issues outlined above and make your life easier.

GH: What are simplified interviewing permissions? How do they affect our customers’ processes?

MM: The simplified interviewing permissions feature allows you to automatically grant permissions during the scheduling workflow. Instead of spending countless hours assigning permissions to individual interviewers per job – who may or may not end up interviewing the candidate – you’re able to pick any user to be an interviewer in the moment, not just users with permissions on the job.

These changes will ensure interviewers only see the information they need to – users assigned to interview this way will only be able to access the candidates they’ve specifically been scheduled to interview, including their contact information and public attachments (resume, cover letter, etc.).

GH: When can customers expect to see simplified interviewing permissions?

MM: We expect simplified interviewing permissions to be fully rolled out to all customers before the end of 2020. to learn more about the new simplified interviewing permissions feature.

Want to learn more? Read the support article here.

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