Announcing our new Board Member: An interview with Emily Rollins

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Emily Rollins, Greenhouse’s newest Board Member, understands the value of relationships and community. She is a thoughtful, strategic connector who has served on boards in multiple industries. With her calm diplomacy and ability to keep everyone focused and engaged, Emily is a people-first leader, dedicated to DE&I, growing sustainably and giving back to the community.

We caught up with Emily to learn more about her decision to join Greenhouse’s board and what excites her about the future of the company.

Greenhouse: First of all, welcome to our Greenhouse board. What resonates most with you about Greenhouse?

Emily: During my 28-year career at Deloitte, I helped guide clients through complicated audit and reporting processes, serving as an Audit and Assurance Partner – a position which had a lot of technical responsibilities. However, I was also actively and deeply involved in the recruitment, development and promotion of our professionals.

I spent a lot of time leading DE&I initiatives, including a firm-wide initiative to recruit, develop and retain diverse and women professionals. These efforts expanded beyond Deloitte as I was involved in diversity initiatives at various nonprofits, including Ascend Leadership and the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce.

Thus, Greenhouse’s purpose, values and mission resonate with me. When I was approached about serving on the company’s board, I knew that this position would provide me with an opportunity to play an important role in moving the needle on DE&I and building belonging at a variety of companies.

Given the company’s consistent growth and plan for the future, I believe I can add value by sharing knowledge and insights gained from my background in working with many innovative, fast-growing companies, both public and private.

Greenhouse: Can you talk about how your previous experiences have prepared you for this role and what you want to apply here?

Emily: In my time at Deloitte, I helped guide hundreds of clients – from prevenue to $10 billion+ international public companies – through complicated and challenging corporate governance, audit and reporting issues. From this work, I have a lot of experience working with companies at different stages in the growth lifecycle, and I look forward to sharing these insights with Greenhouse as the company continues to grow.

I’ve also served on multiple boards in different industries, including Dolby Laboratories, Xometry, Science 37 Holdings, Dwolla and OpenSesame. Each of these roles has given me the opportunity to provide strategic advice to founders and executive teams as they tackle different and varied challenges.

Greenhouse: What excites you most about the future of Greenhouse?

Emily: Greenhouse’s technology “helps every company become great at hiring.” As companies continue to seek the best talent, I think more companies will realize that the tools Greenhouse has built into its software enables finding and hiring the best people. I’m excited about the growing momentum of companies realizing the power of Greenhouse to help them unlock human potential at work. As more companies use Greenhouse, we’ll see fair and equitable hiring practices grow.

Greenhouse: What else would you like to share about what shapes your life outside of work?

Emily: I am proud of the role I played in having raised four amazing young adults who value giving back to society in their respective career paths and volunteering.

I’m also a big believer in giving back to the community, and my involvement with Town Square NW Austin has been incredibly rewarding. Town Square is an innovative enrichment center for seniors, providing them with a safe place to participate in engaging activities and build meaningful relationships. The center brings joy and provides care to some of the most deserving, yet underserved, people in our society.

At Greenhouse, we believe that the potential for people to do something amazing has everything to do with being in the right role, on the right team, at the right time. Learn more about Greenhouse's mission and values here.

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