8 ways to retain Gen Z in the workplace

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Want to retain the fastest-growing generation of talent? Learn how to keep Gen Z workers happy long-term.

Gen Z will make up 27% of the global workforce by 2025, and this growing generation switches jobs frequently, at over double the rate of millennials. They’re redefining the workforce - 75% say they’d willingly leave their positions even if they don’t have another job waiting.

Figuring out how to retain Gen Z – a generation where 83% consider themselves job hoppers – forces you to look at your workplace differently. We’re sharing how you can evolve your employer brand to retain this new wave of talent and keep them happy long-term.

How to retain Gen Z in the workplace

Want the best of Gen Z talent? We've got a few tips on how to attract and entice Gen Z workers to stay at your company:

Embrace workplace flexibility. This might be one of the most important steps in retaining Gen Z employees. The remote work revolution is here to stay. Gen Z highly values companies that let them work how they want with remote, hybrid or flexible schedules. This means embracing a culture where employees play an active role in determining their work hours.

Provide continual growth opportunities. 76% of Gen Zs believe learning is key to a successful career, and many are unwilling to stay in companies that don’t invest in their growth. They’re eager to learn new skills and gain training - especially if it helps them excel in their career.

Practice your values. Gen Z aspires to work for companies that share their values and make a positive impact. According to Deloitte, Gen Z cares more about having a purposeful job than being well paid. They crave companies that prioritize corporate citizenship and genuine living by their employer brand values.

Prioritize mental health. In an era of unprecedented stress and burnout, Gen Z wants an employer that puts their mental well-being first. Develop workplace programs that foster conversations about mental health and provide free access to healthcare like therapy. This will help get you on the path to retaining Gen Z employees.

Actively promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). If you want to retain Gen Z in the workplace, create an inclusive, equitable workplace that champions diversity, creativity and individuality. Foster employee resource groups (ERGs), pay people equitably and maintain diverse representation in leadership.

Offer transparent, competitive pay and benefits. Stand out by prioritizing pay transparency and providing fair, competitive compensation with annual increases. Offer robust benefits packages that include quality healthcare, wellness programs, student loan assistance, unlimited PTO and more.

Foster a culture of true work-life balance. 73% of Gen Z consider balance the most important aspect of their job. The pressure they face is palpable - 91% say they’ve experienced stress-related symptoms, often from work. Create a workplace that prioritizes balance between life and work. Encouraging time off, wellness activities and healthy boundaries will certainly help retain Gen Z in the workplace.

Improve your onboarding. The first few days on a job are crucial for setting the tone of your workplace environment. Great onboarding can boost employee retention by as much as 82%, so ensure new hires have access to the systems, equipment and support necessary to feel welcome and succeed.

The bottom line

Gen Z workers are creative, values-driven and intentional about their careers. They’re unwilling to compromise their vision to fit a workplace, so companies (like yours) must embrace the evolution of work to retain a generation that wants more from employers.

As Gen Z continues to re-evaluate companies and hop from job to job, you can stand out by prioritizing what they care about most: everything we just listed.

Follow the advice shared in this blog and your company will be on its way to retain Gen Z in the workplace, in no time.

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