6 areas business leaders should focus on when it comes to hiring

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No matter how much hiring trends fluctuate, one thing remains true – your employees will always be the most important factor in achieving your goals. It’s your employees who drive innovation, create new pathways to opportunity and shape company culture. To that end, your company’s ability to hire and retain the right people is a business necessity.

You could be hiring rapidly. Or perhaps you're in a phase of low or slow hiring – or you’ve stopped all together (e.g. a hiring freeze). No matter your situation, now is the time to do the necessary foundational work on your hiring strategy, ensuring you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when your hiring situation changes.

In our new ebook, The business leader’s guide to building a hiring culture, we’ll walk you through six areas of focus to improve your overall approach to hiring. We’ll also share why every team should become great at hiring, along with a foundational look at how you can take your company from good to great.

Here’s a sneak peek at our eBook:

1) Expand your focus on hiring, company-wide

Whether you’re on the recruiting team, a business leader or a hiring manager, you have business goals you’re accountable for and hiring is a major part of how you will deliver on those goals. In our eBook, we discuss why consistently and efficiently hiring the right candidates for the right roles enables your company to become more agile, more innovative and more competitive.

2) Enable better hiring decisions

You wouldn’t make a marketing plan or sales revenue goal without thinking about the data and process that drive it. The same goes for your hiring decisions. When it comes to making better hiring decisions, we talk through which factors you need to master in order to create an excellent process in our eBook.

3) Use the right hiring resources

A hiring freeze or slowdown is a good time to refresh internal training resources for everyone in the company. Our eBook discusses how to kick off internal training and recruiting enablement, implement new processes and get teams aligned on the way hiring should be done at your company.

4) Lean into your employer brand

Every company has a unique culture that sets them apart from the rest. It’s no secret that employer branding is an increasingly important function not just for talent acquisition and recruiting, but for the business as a whole. We’ll show you why developing a memorable employer brand will help keep your company top of mind for future applicants and help you retain the top performers within your organization.

5) Make candidates your best advocates

The most innovative and successful companies today know there’s a big difference between good and great hiring – and that the way a person interacts with your brand can have a truly lasting effect. In our eBook, we discuss how creating meaningful relationships with active and prospective candidates can be a huge differentiator in your long-term recruiting efforts.

6) Move from hiring to talent making

At Greenhouse, we set out to understand why some business leaders find making progress in attracting, hiring and retaining great people so challenging. Time and again, the most successful companies have leaders who put talent at the core of their business. Our eBook discusses these Talent Makers and how you can become part of the Talent Maker movement.

As business leaders, now is the time to focus on aligning everyone at your company on the importance of hiring. Whether you’re in a hiring freeze or a hiring frenzy, Greenhouse is here to help.

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Marnie Williams

Marnie Williams

is Content Marketing Manager at Greenhouse. Marnie has been in the thought leadership content space for 10 years, previously at WeWork and Oracle. She has a master’s in marketing from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s in English from Colorado State University.

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