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Steps to integrate

Once all the requirements below are completed, they will be reviewed by the Partnerships team and you will be added to the Greenhouse Hiring Cloud.

Get started FAQ
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Step 1: Complete the request form

Fill out and submit the integration request form so the Partnerships team can create a record of your interest and learn more about your solution and goals for partnership.

Step 2: Complete an MNDA

Review and sign the Greenhouse Mutual NDA via DocuSign. Once you have executed the agreement, Greenhouse will provide access to a sandbox account where you can create webhooks and API keys to test the developer tools.

Access and sign the MNDA

Step 3: Build your integration

Use our APIs and webhooks to develop and test your integration.

Note that if you are using the Assessment API or Ingestion API to build your integration, you will need to contact with the credentials specified in the documentation for your integration to be registered.

Step 4: Create support documentation and a screen recording

Now that development is complete, we require support documentation and a screen recording to help our customers and internal teams better understand your solution and how to incorporate it with Greenhouse.

You can find the templates for our support documentation here.

All support docs and screen recordings will be reviewed by our technical writer and then published in our Greenhouse Support Center.

Screen recordings: Screen recording guidelines. Please make sure to use the most recent Greenhouse logos if you’re embedding them in your support materials.

Step 5: Make sure your solution is tested and ready to go.

Before you’re officially launched as a Greenhouse integration partner, you’ll need to conduct customer Beta testing to fix any bugs and make sure your solution is ready to be implemented. Please note that we can’t supply a Beta customer for your testing purposes. This is to ensure that your team is familiar with the customer set-up process and that any potential issues are resolved before our customers onboard your integration.

Step 6: Complete the partner launch survey

Before we add you to our marketplace, we’d like to understand your positioning and core focus. Please fill out our partner survey so that we can educate our internal teams on your solution.

Submit your answers on the partner launch survey form

Step 7: Submit your marketing assets

Congrats, you’ve made it to the final steps: getting listed to the Hiring Cloud.

We’ve created a submission hub to collect your information for listing. To access the partnerships content submission hub, please reach out to the partnerships team via where we’ll create your custom landing page.

In the meantime, please reference the list of marketing assets we expect to collect, along with this quick help guide for further support.

Congrats! You’re now listed in the Greenhouse Partner Hiring Cloud

Your solution is now published in the Greenhouse Hiring Cloud on the marketing page and within the integrations section of the application.

Are you interested in receiving leads from the Greenhouse Partner Hiring Cloud and recommending your customers to Greenhouse for revenue sharing? Check out the Greenhouse Partner Referral Program for more information on how to participate!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are there any costs associated with joining the Greenhouse Partner Hiring Cloud?

A: No. There are no fees to use our open APIs or launch as a partner in our Hiring Cloud once all requirements have been completed.

Q: I am not exploring an opportunity to integrate with Greenhouse do you offer reseller or referral partnerships?

A: If you are not interested in an integration partnership, please email with your goals and an overview of your services and we will reach out to evaluate the opportunity.

Q: Do I need to build an integration with Greenhouse before joining the Hiring Cloud as a partner?

A: Yes. To be published as a partner in our public Hiring Cloud, there must be a viable integration between our two solutions that has been fully tested by each partner in their sandbox account. Additionally, the documentation and additional requirements in our onboarding guide above must be completed.

Q: What are the expectations for being a Greenhouse partner?

A: We rely on partners to scope and develop their integrations using the APIs and to use their sandbox account to fully test the integration before releasing it to customers. We expect partners to provide a positive customer experience by maintaining integration documentation, being responsive to any technical questions and making any relevant integration enhancements with our developer tools.

Q: Once I’m in the Hiring Cloud, how do I become a Customer-Preferred Partner?

A: Customer-Preferred partner status is reserved for integration partners with a significant threshold of mutual customers that have had proven results through the integration.

Q: Can I receive a list of Greenhouse customers to see if we have any overlap?

A: No. Greenhouse has confidentiality clauses with customers that do not allow us to provide this information to third parties.

Q: How long does it take to receive a sandbox account?

A: It generally takes 48 72 hours from the MNDA being signed to receive access to your sandbox account.

Q: What technical support will I have access to during the integration process and as a partner?

A: Greenhouse Partner Support can answer API questions and help troubleshoot errors. If you have any integration-related questions or technical issues, please email and we will respond within 72 hours. To be sure we triage requests appropriately, we only offer email support at this time.