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Where the best engineering teams are built

Codility makes great hiring decisions effortless without wasting engineering or recruiter time. Candidates are evaluated equally based on the technical skills that matter enabling engineering leaders to build high-performing, diverse teams that power growth.

CodeCheck - Design role-specific remote skills assessments to screen your technical candidates before moving them to the interview stage.

CodeLive - Host technical remote or onsite interviews via our shared editor using a range of templates and whiteboards.

CodeChallenges - Maximize impact at events or host online coding competitions.

Validate skills quickly online

Our take-home coding assessments give you an accurate, objective measure of every potential employee's skills while providing a great candidate experience.

Run remote interviews face-to-face

Move faster to build relationships with the best candidates by interviewing them live in a shared code editor.

Meet students and grads where they are — online

Maximize your impact at events by using online coding competitions to drive excitement and connect with prospective candidates.

Prevent plagiarism at scale

Our intelligent plagiarism prevention and protection protocols - from web crawlers to similarity checkers - provide accurate screening for you, without damaging the candidate experience.

Mitigate unconscious bias

Our accurate, accessible, and fair code tests and structured interviews actively mitigate bias, giving hiring managers confidence that the processes they run are equal and fair.

Accelerate time-to-hire

Our efficient workflows and insights minimize false positives and reduce the interview time per hire to give you a 2.5x faster time-to-capacity.

High-quality tasks, fair scoring

Our libraries cover a broad range of skills, tasks without ambiguities in the description, and scoring without loopholes.

  • • 40+ languages & technologies
  • • 4 difficulty levels
  • • Build your own tasks

Integrating with Greenhouse

Integrating Codility with Greenhouse allows you to seamlessly invite, review and store your candidate test reports all in one interface.

When integrated, you can:

  • • Standardize your Codility tests as part of the assessment stage of your candidates in Greenhouse.
  • • Select which Codility test is required for each role, and enable Greenhouse users to initiate the test invite as candidates enter the assessment stage.
  • • Have candidate test reports automatically attach to a Greenhouse candidate profile and their scores displayed.
  • • Enable faster review and collaboration on specific candidate profiles between interviewers and hiring managers.