Evalground has an extensive library and expertise in variety of assessments and building them.

Developer Evalground
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Company sizes supported 1-100, 101-1,000, 1,001-10,000, 10,000+
Regions supported North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific), South America
Languages supported
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English, Spanish

Online assessment platform for domain specific hiring

Evalground’s online assessment tests helps you gauge one candidate’s behavioural, functional, technical and cognitive skills in a quantifiable manner.

- Experience the influence of tailor-made assessments as per the required profile.
- Get access to detailed reports with logical and analytical analysis of the candidate.
- Get complete access to sample tests and free trial of tests.

How does it work?

If you are a Recruiter, You are a few clicks away from conducting a test with a potential recruit for your organization. The process is as simple as it gets:

- Register
- Create a test
- Send out invites to candidates
-Collect the automatically evaluated test reports of your candidates to shortlist.


Candidate Assessment Module

Evalground’s assessment tests are conducted via computers under a remotely proctored environment and have the advantage of being authenticated by Subject matter experts (SMEs). Evalground’s online assessment tests are tailor made to meet the needs of various different open positions. Apart from position specific tests we also help in creating pre and post employment tests.

Applicant Tracking (C-Track)

Evalground dedicated Applicant Tracking System can be used to filter applications based on given criteria such as keywords, marks scored, skills, years of experience, etc. C-Track helps you in not only maintaining the track of candidates applied but also in customizing the hiring process as per your requirement.

Offer Management

Evalground has introduced a designated Offer Management module that helps recruiters manage, distribute and track documents digitally. With a dedicated offer management system, you get to control/manage the offer letter and other documents (NDA documents, etc) to the applicant in one place.