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At Greenhouse, we help companies make better hiring decisions. To empower you as you evaluate a new talent acquisition solution – whether that’s today or in the future – we've built out a full set of resources to help you put your plans into action.
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We've partnered with RecruitingDaily to discover how talent acquisition leaders approach purchasing an ATS across different company sizes and industries.

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Even if you know you need an ATS and understand the importance of getting better at hiring, it can be hard to get your executive leadership on the same page.

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Hiring tech stack, Talent operations

Customizable hiring software RFP template

Hiring tech stack, Talent operations

Seamless integrations and tech stack guide

Integrations are arguably the most important aspect of any tech stack, particularly when it comes…

Hiring tech stack, Talent strategy

Detailed professional services guide

When considering the hiring software that’s right for you, you’ll need more than a set of features…

My recommendation to ATS buyers would be to truly understand what you’re trying to accomplish and find a system that will enable it.”

Jon Stross

President and Co-founder

Jon Stross

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