Mind your pipeline with Greenhouse

Your talent pipeline is your most valuable asset. Whether you’re experiencing a sudden increase in applicants or prospecting for future roles, how you manage your pipeline today will determine your hiring success tomorrow.

Creating an effective pipeline strategy takes a thoughtful approach. We will show you how to leverage the tools in Greenhouse that are specifically designed to automate your early-stage applicant process and help you more efficiently nurture your talent pools. We’ll also share guidance and best practices that you can put into action today.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Which tools to use to seamlessly manage a high volume of interested candidates
  • Segmentation tips for prospect management
  • Detailed prospect nurture communication workflows that drive engagement
  • Effective measurement of your pipeline strategy

A guide to candidate pipeline management

Design an efficient process with Greenhouse to streamline your top of funnel and effectively nurture talent for future hiring

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