The numbers game: Learn how to use data to land top talent

More than ever, “understanding the numbers” is essential for any hiring manager, recruiter, or talent acquisition professional who hopes to compete for the right talent at the right cost.

But how do you know which numbers are important or how to measure the results you have?

In this Glassdoor and Greenhouse webinar, you'll hear actionable advice, best practices, and case studies of companies using talent analytics to optimize their recruiting strategy. With real-world data and insights at your command, you’ll make smarter decisions about investing your hard-earned recruiting budget.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The most important metrics and benchmarks to track, report on, and optimize in your hunt for great talent.
  • How to leverage past data to understand hiring trends and create a company-wide workforce planning program.
  • How predictive analytics, employer branding analytics, and thinking like marketer help you forecast hiring needs and ensure your recruiting message resonates with candidates.