Leaving your mark: Candidate experience and employer brand

There’s no denying that the candidate experience is important and that the last thing you need as a TA professional is to find your perfect candidate and then lose them because the candidate experience was lackluster / less than hoped for OR maybe another company provided a better candidate experience, winning them over. It would be particularly gut-wrenching given that in addition to handling hiring managers, calendars, multiple candidates, interviews, etc. – you already had to put so much energy into the nuances associated with getting people in the door in the first place There’s never enough time to make sure that every aspect of filling a req is perfect – employer branding, through candidate experience, to hire – yet it’s possible to come close. How?

Recruiting Daily's William Tincup sits down with Sally Bolig – the Head of TA from Yotpo to find out what it takes to answer questions like:

  • How can you maintain a positive and memorable experience for your candidates while also maintaining your employer brand?
  • How do you ensure that candidates who don’t make the cut still are happy to have had the experience?
  • How can you establish yourself as a reputable place to work without compromising your bottom line?

Watch now to learn that and more. Like, how investing in things like Pride Month, pets, and promotions can bag you some top tier talent.