How to win candidates in an extremely competitive market

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Conference 2022, in partnership with Guide.

Recruiting has changed in the Covid-19 era and candidates have the upper hand. Whereas employers used to be the ones ghosting candidates, candidates are now doing the ghosting.

Companies who are slow to respond, who don’t provide a transparent look into their interview process and culture, and who don’t engage candidates throughout the hiring process are losing out on talent.

In this session, Guide’s CEO will moderate a panel discussion with talent leaders from MURAL, Sift, and Glossier, breaking down how they leverage candidate experience as their key advantage to winning talent during tight recruiting markets.

Expect to leave this session with actionable tactics you can implement immediately with no additional tools or budget, as well as a reusable interviewer and candidate prep guide templates.


  • Troy Sultan, Co-founder & CEO at Guide
  • Yvette Kamperin, VP of Talent Acquisition at MURAL
  • Lauren Taft, Director of Recruiting at Sift
  • Stephanie Burrus, Senior Manager, Business Recruiter at Glossier