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Years ago, recruiting was seen as a response to a present need rather than as a strategic, proactive method to build the best-performing workforce. Recruiters weren't tapping into the most hire-worthy pool of candidates: Those who weren't actively applying.

Enter the 21st century. Now, rather than starting candidate pipelines from scratch for every new role opened, recruiters today know the distinct advantage of engaging a diverse network of talent in anticipation of business needs. One of the key elements of any best-in-class recruiting strategy is leveraging talent pools through CRM software.

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In the "How a talent CRM will help you win at hiring" eBook, Greenhouse Senior Recruiter, Ariana Moon, dives into the following topics:

  • The need for a proactive recruiting model (and forward-thinking tools to accompany it)
  • What talent pools are, why they’re critical, and how to organize and leverage them
  • How CRMs allow you to optimize the candidate journey and funnel
  • The difference between a CRM and ATS, and how they complement each other
  • How a CRM helps you measure and improve your sourcing efforts
  • The ROI and strategic advantage of a CRM

Download the eBook to learn more about CRMs and how they support you in making hiring your company's competitive advantage.

Recruiters at today’s most successful companies go beyond the tactical - by focusing on strategies that close the gap between a job vacancy and a quality hire as quickly as possible.”

Ariana Moon

Recruiting Manager at Greenhouse

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