Hiring hacks: Betterworks CEO’s 3 steps to a 98% retention rate

Quality of hire is an emerging metric and a prolific topic among recruiters. Companies are seeking to tie employee performance back to the interview process - and optimize to ensure on-the-job success.

BetterWorks has implemented a three-step process that has resulted in a sky-high, 98% retention rate among employees. (Pretty amazing right?)

In this Hiring Hacks webinar, BetterWorks’ CEO, Kris Duggan, dives into the three step process and shares why a successful onboarding experience should start with the interview process itself.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How they prepare candidates for the interview process ahead of time
  • Ways to ensure each candidate “jives” with the company culture
  • How to use 30 day check-ins as a way to create goal alignment