Excellence in candidate experience

How to provide human connection in a virtual world

Today’s working world is changing rapidly. As recruiters everywhere pivot from in-person to virtual-first communication strategies, more and more interviews, presentations and coffee chats with candidates are remote.

Leaders from Niantic, WillowTree, Greenhouse and Glassdoor share strategies for enhancing the candidate experience in every aspect of virtual hiring, from sourcing and attracting to nurturing and engaging. You’ll walk away with timely insights and actionable tips to apply within your teams immediately.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Ways in which you can share your company's mission, values and culture, virtually
  • How to remotely showcase your employer brand in order to attract the right candidates at the right time
  • Tips for effectively prioritizing and managing all-remote candidate pipeline
  • Ways to think outside the box when it comes to virtual meetings with candidates