Enhance your company culture with these top slack bots

Group of celebrating coworkers

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Culture can be seen in many different aspects of a workplace, from the relationships between executives and lower-level employees, to the mission statement written on the wall and the day-to-day processes of your business. On a large scale, culture is based on the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes of the organization. On a smaller scale, culture can be improved by celebrating birthdays, volunteering together, or challenging co-workers to an in-office game.

You can make a good culture a great culture at your organization, while having fun, by utilizing Slack. The messaging app has over 8 million users daily and has integrations to enhance your company culture on various levels. The Slack App Directory categorizes integrations by division to make choosing one easier for you.

Check out our favorite Slack integrations that can help enhance your company culture to keep your employees happy and engaged.

To bring out employees’ competitive edge

Leaderboard allows you to track the scores of interoffice games. If you challenge a fellow employee to a game of ping pong or Mario Kart, “/report” the score at the end of the game, race, or whatever it may be. The “/leaderboard” shows everyone’s position with their rating. Lastly, the “/who-next” feature allows you to see who your next prospect should be! If your company provides you with these perks of games in the workplace, take it to the next level and integrate Leaderboard to track results and have a healthy workplace competition going.

To build relationships

Donut brings people together by building relationships. This app pairs up team members who don’t know each other well. This can help build trust and collaboration across your organization. The feature can also be particularly useful during the onboarding process by allowing employees to meet everyone. Also, you don’t just have to go for donuts, choose from coffee, pizza, or whatever your taste buds may be craving and get to know other team members in different departments!

To pulse employee engagement and sentiment

Fortay is an easy way to measure your team culture while keeping a pulse on employee engagement in real-time. Feedback is gathered from employees both effortlessly and anonymously from your team that supports a culture of belonging. Show your employees their voice matters and that their happiness is important to your organization by implementing a long-lasting strategy for optimal employee engagement. Fortay.ai crafts the questions most relevant to your organization and allows for a mix of engagement scores, range of questions, color-coded sentiment analysis and more to touch on each employees value-based sense of engagement and belonging.

To bring out employees’ competitive edge

Google+ Hangouts allows you to start a “/hangout” and communicate with colleagues via instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls by inviting them with a provided link. This integration can build employee engagement as it is easy, accessible and allows workers to connect with one another, no matter their location.

To celebrate birthdays

BirthdayBot is an app designed for Slack that automatically posts birthday messages and reminders in your team chats. This simple action can contribute to a more positive and supportive working environment and its lots of fun! BirthdayBot collects everyone’s birthdays on your team, to reduce the amount of work (and potential error) for you.

To give new hires a friendly welcome

Greenhouse.io is a recruiting software and applicant tracking system that does more than hire the right candidate. Greenhouse Onboarding is the software’s product that helps orchestrate the transition from offer letter to integrated team member. Customizable profiles allow new employees to introduce themselves and learn about their team members in a fun way. This helps new hires explore the community and feel a sense of belonging, even before their start dates.

To make attendance adjustments

TimeBot allows you to automatically keep track of time off requests, holidays, vacations and sick leaves. Not only does it allow your employees to process these requests, but it also lets you approve these attendance adjustments with a single click. Also, to make sure you haven’t let your whole office have the same day off, TimeBot provides helpful tips such as hints if other members are OOO on the same date.

To reward employees

Bonusly provides your employees with small rewards as an incentive for a job well done. Bonusly allows team members to send bonuses to their peers. These bonuses are exchangeable for gift cards (clothing, flights, gas, grocery stores, music, online shopping, restaurants, technology, and entertainment), cash outs, or donations to select organizations.

To keep your team healthy

Health Hero is a fun way to compete with colleagues by tracking workout time and steps from your favorite health/fitness apps. Keep individuals motivated with customizable reminders to check in and track progress, while also supporting colleagues. You can track your results by uploading pictures, a simple message, or importing data. Workplace wellness programs are a new addition to corporate culture, and can lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, and lower stress.