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New hiring tools to take on 2023

This year, we’ve got a lot of new coming your way. For the rest of 2023, we’ll be releasing new features in bundles around three key themes to drive better hiring: accountability, scale and talent discovery. These features will help you tackle today’s hiring challenges – and get measurably better along the way.

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Get clear on your goals and foster more fairness

All about accountability

Foster greater transparency at your organization and enhance your team’s ability to align, collaborate and deliver against their goals.

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Greenhouse Goals

Set, track and measure your hiring targets with Greenhouse Goals so your team can align on expectations, work more efficiently and gain greater visibility into their objectives, all in one place.

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Goals report dashboard

With the Goals report dashboard enhancements, it’s easier than ever for anyone in your company to measure their progress against company goals, identify areas of improvement and drive better accountability.

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Greenhouse Onboarding new hire goals

Easily measure your new hires' progress with onboarding milestones that give them the structure and assurance they need to become productive, confident teammates more quickly.

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Pay Transparency

Attract more candidates and take a big step toward pay equity by providing a standardized method to easily display salary ranges on jobs – so you can cut back on manual errors and ensure your company stays compliant.

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Efficiently scale your hiring processes 

Up-level your talent discovery abilities

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Company goals action items

Stay up to date on your most important tasks with a to-do list that’s connected to Greenhouse Goals.

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Standardized compensation fields 

Seamlessly update your existing custom offer fields to a standardized method so your organization can stay accountable on compensation decisions.

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