Hiring in a distributed world

With businesses worldwide moving to a distributed working environment, Greenhouse is here to help you navigate every aspect of distributed hiring.
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Everything you need to hire remotely

We’ve created the essential guide, with detailed guidance on distributed hiring, advice from Greenhouse customers and tons of tips to work better as a remote team.
Greenhouse Recruiting for distributed hiring

Greenhouse Recruiting for distributed hiring

This on-demand webinar provides a closer look at how you can utilize Greenhouse to maintain effective hiring processes while distributed. It covers practical advice for the entire hiring process – from remote sourcing all the way through onboarding new remote hires.

We can help with distributed hiring, here’s how

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Assess and engage candidates virtually

Include take-home assessments in your interview plans and learn how to conduct interactive interview sessions remotely.

  • See how to set up take-home assessments
  • Check out our Greenhouse testing solution integrations
  • Discover how HackerRank uses testing to hire developers
  • Include customized links and attachments in candidate email templates to give a realistic understanding of employee life at your company without needing to come to the office
  • Automatically advance qualified candidates to a specific stage of the interview process based on configurable rules
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Enable distributed interviews without skipping a beat

Teams need access to the best distributed hiring solutions even if they don’t have all the right technology in place.

  • Build comprehensive interview kits with scorecards, focus attributes and custom questions to make the purpose of each interview clear and engaging for interviewers and candidates
  • Choose from a number of video interviewing tools to integrate with, including SparkHire, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams
  • Manage all essential tasks with the Greenhouse mobile app, like completing scorecards on your phone during video interviews
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Onboard new hires seamlessly, from anywhere

Without the human element of an in-person onboarding, ensuring new hires are set up to become productive and active employees quickly is key to retention and engagement.

  • Design an engaging welcome experience with videos, photos and content to help simulate the warmth and energy that an in-person experience creates
  • Assign tasks to keep onboarding stakeholders accountable and on track with their onboarding plans for new team members
  • Gather feedback from new hires and check in on their onboarding experience – you can also pull reports to uncover areas to work on and make adjustments to keep improving regularly
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Manage distributed hiring teams

Keep your teams on track no matter where they sit. Greenhouse supports a distributed hiring model through streamlined hiring notifications, and task management features that are unique to hiring team roles.

  • Define roles and responsibilities and configure foundational workflows with job and offer approval processes, strategic hiring team configuration and email templates
  • Facilitate distributed collaboration with a set of automated and unique notifications and tasks in each individual’s Greenhouse task management dashboard, via email and through our Slack integration
  • Leverage @mentions and notes on candidates to keep the hiring team informed in real time
Darren Murph

New hires get an onboarding buddy to guide them through questions to a better, more concrete onboarding experience.”

Darren Murph

Head of Remote

Elisa Campos

Strong internet is key. We interview in uninterrupted spaces as this experience defines a candidate's impression of our company.”

Elisa Campos

Lead Recruiter

Elizabeth Hassel

Visibility let's teams communicate roadblocks in the hiring process. We review scorecards after an interview to align on next steps.”

Elizabeth Hassel

Director of Recruiting

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