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Okta gets ROI boost with Greenhouse

Okta wanted to grow rapidly while maintaining efficiency in their hiring process. With the structure, automation and strategic insights Greenhouse provides, they met their hiring goals and saw a 227% increase in ROI.

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Podcast, Talent strategy

Talent Makers Studio – Episode 7: Steven Broudy, Bevy

The war for Talent can always benefit from a different perspective, and Steven Broudy of Bevy has a unique blend of military experience and sales smarts. In this episode, we’re honored to talk to Steven, one of the top up and coming sales leaders in the industry and a former special ops sniper.

Podcast, DE&I, Talent strategy

Talent Makers Studio – Episode 6: Dr. Salima Bhimani, Alphabet

Dr. Salima Bhimani, Chief Equity + Inclusion Strategist for the Alphabet Bets, shares why we need to be open to trying – and potentially failing – and why we should be open to learning from each other for anything we do around DE&I.

Podcast, Talent strategy

Talent Makers Studio – Episode 5: Mason Wong, Lyft

Rideshare company Lyft (which has recently gone public) hires over 200 people every month. How does their team manage that breakneck growth while continuing to plan in a strategic way, backed by clean, reliable data?

Podcast, Talent strategy

Talent Makers Studio – Episode 4: Shauna Geraghty, TalkDesk

From scaling a marketing practice to scaling the entire TalkDesk team around the world, VP of Global Talent Shauna Geraghty shares her Talent Maker journey at software company TalkDesk.

Podcast, Company culture, Talent strategy

Talent Makers Studio – Episode 3: Claude Silver, VaynerMedia

Building a successful advertising empire takes more than quippy copy - it takes a lot of heart. Claude Silver has helped build and lead the team at VaynerMedia as the ad darling’s first-ever Chief Heart Officer. During this episode, hear how she has ridden the waves of change…

Podcast, Company culture, Talent strategy

Talent Makers Studio – Episode 2: Teresa Dietrich, McKinsey New Ventures

Growing teams is an art, and Teresa Dietrich’s career building tech teams is a testament to what great looks like. In this episode, Teresa shares how her experience across a wide array of companies spanning different industries and sizes solidified her belief that hiring…

Podcast, Company culture, Recruiter tips

Talent Makers Studio – Episode 1: Susan Lee, SeatGeek

For Chief People Officer Susan Lee, humility is one of the things she loves the most about working at SeatGeek, a company that helps the world enjoy live events. During this episode, Susan shares what she values in a strong recruiting team…

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