Squarespace: Differentiating the on-site experience

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Winning awards for “Best Places to Work in NYC,” “#1 New York-Based Employer Brand” and “50 Best Workplaces for Parents” from brands like Crain’s, Hired and Fortune is enviable. How did Squarespace do it? By cultivating a strong employer brand and prioritizing an excellent candidate experience – both online and offline.

In this case study, we look at how Squarespace gets the most out of their investment in events as a key part of their offline strategy. Since candidates have hundreds of options of companies to work for, the team knew it was crucial to engage candidates in-person to showcase their brand and culture. That’s why Squarespace attends over 100 events every year.

Learn more about why Squarespace chose the events app in Greenhouse Recruiting to help differentiate the experience on-site and facilitate impactful follow-up conversations with promising prospects.