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Let’s give the topics of D&I, GDPR, and sourcing tips a break – you (our wonderful readers) asked for more on recruiting reporting. Here it is. We recently connected with Brandon Morrill, TripAdvisor’s Director of Talent Acquisition, and asked him to share how his team is making the most of recruiting data and reports to win at every juncture. As a Greenhouse report builder customer, and an avid recruiting reporting expert, Brandon is positioning TripAdvisor as a true leader when it comes to optimizing people practices.

With unemployment low and new hires in high demand across a multitude of industries and in most major metropolitan areas, every brand that wants to stay competitive and win top talent should be using every tool in their set. Recruiting data shouldn’t be a secret weapon; it should be a regularly implemented practice to keep your talent team at the top of its game.

Let’s get right to Brandon so we can start putting his tips into practice.

Greenhouse: What’s your favorite type of recruiting report to use day to day?

Brandon Morrill: On a daily basis we use open jobs and filled jobs to help judge capacity and performance of the team. Looking at the volume and speed with which jobs are opening and closing helps us understand exactly when and where we need additional resources.

On a monthly/quarterly basis we like to look at quality of source, pipeline and hiring speed to understand how we are performing as an overall recruiting function.

Greenhouse: What are the most important recruiting metrics that you’re measuring?

Brandon: Given today’s very competitive job market we are very focused on hiring speed (time to identify the finalist candidate and time from identification to accepted offer). These numbers help us understand where our process breakdowns might be so we can react and rectify quickly. We are also looking closely at offer acceptances vs rejections to understand how we can win more in this competitive market.

Greenhouse: What tools are you using for data measurement?

Brandon: Greenhouse, Tableau and a lot of Excel. We are in the process of rolling out Domo (business intelligence tool) and have already connected it directly to the Greenhouse APIs. Domo will fill a huge gap for us in custom recruiting reports and visualizations while driving automation at the same time.

Greenhouse: Have you faced any challenges with using data in your hiring process?

Brandon: Trying to maintain a consistent recruiting process and therefore data collection process across 20+ countries and 5 business units is very challenging. We have put a number of audits in place to standardize the data we are collecting and spend a fair amount of time attempting to normalize it across teams and geographies.

Greenhouse: What is an important piece of advice for anyone using data to evaluate a candidate’s attributes?

Brandon: The data is only one piece of the evaluation. Fully understanding the context around that data is important as it influences the story that data tells.

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