Policygenius ensures equity and efficiency with structured hiring

Group of diverse colleagues collaborating

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Policygenius is the one-stop insurance shop that helps people get covered with confidence. The team has been growing its remote presence, now with around 20% of the 450 employees working remotely full time.

As the demand for more talent increased, so did the manual process involved in their hiring process. It was time to create a consistent and equitable interviewing process that reduced bias while assessing candidates on the skills and attributes needed to succeed.

Greenhouse Policygenius customer story inside pages

Greenhouse enables us to run a structured and disciplined process entirely within the platform. We trust Greenhouse as our single source of truth. –Lisa Mitalas, Director of Talent at Policygenius

Learn how PolicyGenius uses Greenhouse to provide templates and automation that enables their team to capture all the information needed during a structured interview process.