NerdWallet automates key parts of their hiring process and improves the candidate experience

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As financial services company NerdWallet grew substantially year-over-year, the interview scheduling volume was becoming overwhelming. NerdWallet’s scheduling load wasn’t sustainable with their manual process and the size of their coordination team. This imbalance left room for errors or delays in securing the schedule, both of which created serious risks to the candidate experience.

NerdWallet chose to make the interview scheduling process easier and more efficient by leveraging the integration of Interview Schedule and Greenhouse. These two platforms have a deep integration that makes scheduling a seamless experience.

Now, anything that gets scheduled will appear on a candidate’s profile in Greenhouse, in addition to any calendar or email updates, making the process easier than ever. As a Greenhouse Customer Preferred Partner, Interview Schedule truly allows NerdWallet coordinators and recruiters to kick off the process from directly within the ATS, so there’s no added friction to using the enhanced scheduling capabilities.

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