How MessageBird drives better hiring outcomes at scale with Greenhouse

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MessageBird is an omnichannel communications platform used by over 25,000 of today’s most innovative companies. When Barbara Gaillard, Global Director of Talent Acquisition Operations, joined the MessageBird team in 2018, there were 100 employees – and growing fast. With only two recruiters and lots of open roles to fill, the company needed a solution that would help them structure their hiring process and provide them with the data they needed to drive the best hiring outcomes at scale.

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Greenhouse is our hiring ‘home.’ It’s our only source of truth. If it’s not in Greenhouse, it didn’t happen – and that helps us focus only on the data we need to reach our hiring goals.
– Barbara Gaillard, Global Director of Talent Acquisition Operations at MessageBird

In this case study, learn how MessageBird grew globally to more than 700 employees by transforming their hiring process with Greenhouse. We’ll show you how Messagebird’s structured hiring approach and “work from anywhere” policy leads to more inclusive, data-driven outcomes.