Casana efficiently scales hiring with Greenhouse Sourcing Automation

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Casana brings together a team of engineers, scientists, clinicians and business people who share a passion to improve patient outcomes and reinvent healthcare at home. As Casana grew, they needed to hire a variety of technical roles to develop their technology, but quickly learned that the strongest candidates were already employed.

Casana’s talent team looked to Greenhouse for a solution that would enable recruiters to build personalized nurture campaigns and automate follow-ups with prospective candidates at scale.

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Sourcing candidates used to take me seven steps with plenty of manual work. Now with Greenhouse Sourcing Automation, I’m able to complete my process in just two steps. Jared Henrie, Technical Recruiter at Casana

Within five months of implementing Greenhouse Sourcing Automation, Casana has increased the number of prospects added to Greenhouse Recruiting by 475%. In 2023, their goal is to expand their talent pool by sourcing candidates from diverse job boards.