achieves their enterprise-level hiring goals with dedicated technical support

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Download is one of the world's leading providers of online travel, accommodation and related services. After drastically scaling from 8k in 2014 to 13k+ employees today with Greenhouse and reaching their original hiring goals with their dedicated Customer Support Manager (CSM), the team knew they needed to look to their next phase of growth.

In this case study, you’ll learn how optimized their adoption of Greenhouse across all hiring processes to support their restructuring and development plans. We’ll show you how partnering with a dedicated TAM extended the account-level technical support needed to do more, see more and grow faster as a large enterprise with Greenhouse.

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The Greenhouse TAM relationship is best in class and truly sets Greenhouse apart from other vendors Quentin Moll, Recruiting Operations and Systems Team Leader at

Being part of the TAM program creates a greater sense of continuity and partnership with Greenhouse support. With Greenhouse becoming an accessible thought partner in their growth and change efforts, the team was able to hit their unique hiring goals as a large international enterprise more strategically.

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