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Show me the money: Why HR leaders are embracing pay transparency

Pay transparency has been a hot topic in recruiting. Employees (and candidates) have demanded companies be more open about their pay structure. But some employers have pushed back, losing talent to…


Empowering leaders to champion people-first initiatives

Prioritizing people is no longer a choice but a necessity for organizations. What does putting people-first look like and how do we encourage it in our company cultures? Watch this webinar as…


Concern about bias doesn’t dampen HR professionals’ interest: Results from the EMEA HR Manager AI & Bias Pulse report

Ever get the sense that the person you’ve been exchanging emails with isn’t actually a person at all? For today’s job seekers, there’s a strong possibility that the majority of their interactions…


How to hire the right person – part 2: Avoid bias in interviews

It’s never easy trying to hire the right person for a role. Today’s most successful recruiters know that great talent most likely already has a job. This means you have to go above and beyond when…


How to hire the right person – part 1: Set up a structured and inclusive hiring process

You know the candidate who over-delivers and adds to your culture? The one everyone wants? Like you, businesses are competing for top talent. So, if you’re wondering how to hire the right person…