Why enterprise companies like Lyft, Podium and Rally Health choose to grow with Greenhouse

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Greenhouse is proud to be named a leader in G2’s Winter Enterprise Grid Rankings for ATS and to rank in the top 3 in the ATS landscape across all segments. Here’s why more and more enterprise companies are choosing Greenhouse.

Greenhouse is proud to be named a leader in G2’s Winter Enterprise Grid Rankings for ATS and to rank in the top 3 in the ATS landscape across all segments.
Greenhouse is proud to be named a leader in G2’s Winter Enterprise Grid Rankings for ATS and to rank in the top 3 in the ATS landscape across all segments.

No matter what size a company reaches, hiring never diminishes in importance. In fact, the bigger the company, the more their hiring experience is equated with their brand and public perception. That’s why enterprise companies are choosing to create and sustain a strategic hiring process with the help of Greenhouse.

More and more progressive, people-first enterprise companies – Podium, Lyft, Rally Health, Booking.com, HubSpot, Twilio, Peloton, HelloFresh and more – are recognizing that in order to be more competitive in talent, they need to hire differently. They need a scalable structured hiring process that reduces bias and delivers insightful data to help hiring managers make better hiring decisions.

This is even more critical in the current talent market, where we see today’s workforce leaving their roles in droves. This “Great Resignation” offers companies a unique and valuable opportunity to attract those candidates by providing them with what they need and what they want. And that starts with a great hiring process.

Everything that enterprise businesses need to win

Create a positive candidate experience

A positive candidate experience is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must. A bad experience at a larger company isn’t just spread through word of mouth anymore – it might go #viral. And the effects can be devastating. Greenhouse helps enterprise organizations create a customized hiring process so everyone – from hiring managers to recruiters to candidates – has a consistent and positive experience with your brand.

Build diverse and inclusive teams

Leading enterprise organizations recognize that having more diverse and inclusive teams improves the bottom line. Greenhouse is the only hiring platform to offer research-backed tools to reduce unconscious bias to help you create a more equitable hiring process and meet your DE&I goals.

Best ATS system available! I love how Greenhouse keeps recruiters and hiring managers accountable to filling out scorecards, reducing bias and having a quick turnaround. It guarantees a great experience for the candidate.
–G2 review by Kamiel Sumsion, Recruiting Manager at Podium

Turn hiring data into powerful insights

Greenhouse has a robust, flexible array of tools that make it easy to get answers from your data, giving everyone the insights they need to make better, more informed hiring decisions.

Greenhouse is the best ATS on the market. Very easy to do all of the necessary TA things you need. I’m able to find meaningful insights that shape how we are building our recruiting team.
–G2 review by Christian Page, Technical Recruiting Manager at Podium

Securely scale as your company takes on what’s next

Greenhouse is the talent acquisition suite that scales with demanding business needs while driving company-wide adoption. Advanced permissions, workflows and a globalized interviewer experience helps meet the demands of the most complex business systems. ​​And every part of the Greenhouse platform safeguards you and your candidates’ critical information across a secure global infrastructure.

Greenhouse helped Lyft grow 2x while driving efficiency in 2018, resulting in a 96% adoption by hiring managers, a 50% reduction in time spent reporting and a 35% reduction in interviewing time per hire.

The largest integration ecosystem in the industry

We can integrate with any platform through our open API and have the industry’s largest ecosystem with 390+ integration partners. Avoid workflow disruption as Greenhouse works with the systems your team is already using.

Backed by trusted customer reviews

We work hard to provide our customers with a great product, and we’re honored to share that we’ve been named as a leader in G2’s 2021 Winter Enterprise Grid Rankings for ATS and to rank in the top 3 in the ATS landscape across all segments.

The best part about this award is that it’s backed by actual customer reviews. Our success is defined by our customers’ commitment to us. Hundreds of enterprise talent professionals have achieved success and let us know about it by hiring the best people in a competitive environment, all by using Greenhouse.

Greenhouse has created a simple, smooth and succinct interviewing and onboarding platform that growing businesses will benefit from. Easy collaboration, a scorecard system for feedback and adequate reporting functionality will allow your Talent Acquisition team to become strategic partners for the company, not just an overhead.
–G2 review by a talent acquisition professional at Rally Health

We’re proud to provide customers of all sizes with what they need, when they need it. From focusing on global growth and expansion to innovating as the ultimate complete talent suite with new capabilities like sourcing, we’re excited to further our mission of making every company great at hiring.

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