The key to striking the right balance between recruiting automation and the human touch

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Increasingly lean recruiting teams are faced with the challenge of tackling what feels like a bottomless pipeline of candidates, searching for a magic solution that will streamline their overflowing top of funnel both quickly and effectively. For years, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been lauded as a great way to speed up many aspects of the hiring process. But the reality is that there’s still a glaringly large ethical issue of solely relying on technology to make a judgement call on who moves forward in the hiring process – and who doesn’t. So what can you do to ensure that you're able to keep up with hiring demands, while mitigating bias and providing a human touch?

Carefully choose the right tech for top-of-funnel efficiency

Applying a tool to track and automate processes at the top of the funnel can help recruiting teams manage an influx of applications by filtering candidates on whether or not they have the right criteria required to succeed in a role. This kind of automation is not a substitute for human interaction – it’s simply another tool to help the recruiting process become more fair, consistent and efficient for everyone involved. This might look like using a tool like auto-reject or auto-advance in Greenhouse, but first ensuring that you have the right criteria in place to ensure you’re still being inclusive.

There’s also a great added bonus of freeing up more of the recruiters’ time. They’ll be able to take on more strategic work, and play an active role in decision-making and building a competitive talent strategy.

Automation should make the recruiting process more efficient – allowing recruiters to spend more time as consultants and candidates to have a seamless and positive experience.

–Megan Buttita, Research Director, Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition, Worldwide Services Group at IDC

Whether your candidate review process involves humans, automated rules or AI algorithms, ensuring objectivity at every step of the process is critical. Greenhouse teamed up with global analysis firm IDC to create a helpful toolkit to assess modern talent acquisition vendors through the IDC MarketScape model.

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Alex Powell

is the Director of Product Management at Greenhouse. He values customer insights and feedback and uses it to strategically shape the Greenhouse product roadmap. He is passionate about inclusive hiring practices and bringing them to life through relevant features and tools.

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