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Meet Paul Todgham, our new Chief Financial Officer

We’re so excited to introduce our finance team’s new leader, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Paul Todgham. We sat down with Paul to learn more about his approach to finance and his plans for Greenhouse.

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How Navan saved over 1,000 hours with a custom integration using the Greenhouse Harvest API

Navan wanted to improve data quality, create a more efficient recruiting process and unify their recruiting and finance teams. See how they achieved their goals with the Greenhouse Harvest API.

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Calculate your potential recruiting ROI with Greenhouse

Discover how real customers leverage Greenhouse for a higher return on investment (ROI) with our hiring software, built for scaling global companies. And try out the new IDC Snapshot Tool.

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Maximizing recruiting ROI through structured hiring: Advice for financial decision-makers

Structured interviewing and hiring are a widely accepted best practice, yet as with most best practices, being cognizant of and managing the nuances powers even greater results. This blog will dig into those details.

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Mastering skills-based hiring: A comprehensive strategy guide for European leaders

Is your recruitment strategy effective? Learn how skills-based hiring boosts diversity and productivity in this blog.

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Greenhouse named best applicant tracking system in G2 Spring 2024 report

At Greenhouse, we’ve always been about putting our customers first, and we certainly are grateful to feel the love coming right back at us. We’re excited to share some fantastic news from the Spring…

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First impressions of employers often falling flat: Results from the 2024 Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report

Greenhouse published its 2024 Candidate Experience Report. The report highlights candidate perspectives on the job market, their challenges, and the factors they consider when applying for jobs.

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Boost high-volume hiring with Texting, powered by Grayscale

Announcing Texting, powered by Grayscale: A new partnership that seamlessly embeds texting and automation into Greenhouse to boost high-volume hiring. Learn more in this blog.