Leveraging LinkedIn: How to attract top talent with your employer brand (Part 1)

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Imagine scrolling through LinkedIn and stumbling upon a company that isn’t only offering a potential job, but an adventure – a global passport to work from any corner of the world, unique holidays that resonate with your identity and a mission you can believe in. Pretty enticing to apply, right?

Showcasing Greenhouse’s unique offerings on LinkedIn is only a snippet of how we leverage the platform to attract top talent with our employer brand.

In today’s hyper-competitive job market, a stellar employer brand isn't just 'nice-to-have' – it's a necessity. So how do you harness your employer brand to stand out on LinkedIn? Here's a glimpse into our playbook at Greenhouse and how you can apply these strategies at your company

Tip #1 Beyond roles: Offer a mission – and celebrate it

At Greenhouse, our hiring process is rooted in purpose, not just procedure. Our commitment to diversity, equity, allyship and belonging isn't confined to physical spaces – it's also embedded in every virtual interaction and decision we make. We're on a mission to redefine hiring by championing structured and equitable practices. Our purpose acts as our magnetic north, attracting like-minded talent. The key insight? Let your company's core values and mission be the heart and soul of your brand. Let’s explore some ways that you can bring this to life.

  • Regularly sharing candid interviews with employees that highlight how they’re living your company's mission and values. This authentic insight allows prospects to see how your mission actually impacts your people.

  • Showcasing moments where your team is actively engaged in activities that align with your mission. This could be community service, team-building exercises or strategic planning sessions centered around the mission.

  • Hosting webinars and discussions on topics related to your mission. Invite thought leaders in your industry and create a space for meaningful conversations.

When showcasing your mission, consistency is key. Regularly updating your content and engaging with your audience helps build a genuine connection around shared values.

Tip #2 Personalize engagement: From our heart to theirs

Our focus on LinkedIn isn’t just about visibility – it's about connection. From our LinkedIn Life pages to personalized engagement, we strive to reflect our ethos in every format.

Prospecting with personalized engagement

Personalized engagement is not just about showcasing our brand, it's about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for potential candidates. By sharing authentic stories, celebrating our diverse team and highlighting our unique company culture, we set the stage for effective prospecting.

This approach does more than just attract attention, it warms up prospects, making them more receptive to direct outreach. This familiarity fosters a sense of trust and belonging that’s crucial in converting prospects into applicants and, ultimately, into hires.

LinkedIn has proven to be an invaluable tool in how we attract top talent and convert them into hires. This year alone, 12% of our hires originated from LinkedIn prospecting. This success is not just a testament to the power of LinkedIn as a platform but also to the effectiveness of our integrated approach, combining personalized engagement with proactive prospecting.

Tip #3 Get creative amidst adversity

The global hiring landscape may have hit a slowdown – and for us at Greenhouse, it's a time to innovate and create values in other ways. Our monthly LinkedIn Live sessions are platforms of engagement, letting potential candidates understand our values and culture through thought leadership. You can use hiring pauses or slowdowns as opportunities to recalibrate and strengthen your brand voice.

And our initiatives extend beyond LinkedIn Live. During slower hiring periods, we focus on creating diverse content like employee blogs, video testimonials and social media campaigns. These mediums allow us to highlight different aspects of our work life, from day-to-day employee experiences to community involvement and unique projects.

We hope this blog helps you get started with creating a great LinkedIn hiring strategy. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon.

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Adrina August

Adrina August

is the EMEA Content Marketing Manager at Greenhouse Software, where she develops and elevates content that resonates in the EMEA region. Beyond her expertise as a subject matter expert in hiring content, Adrina finds joy in teaching her dogs new tricks. In addition to her primary role, she remains committed to workplace inclusion as the Vice Chair for the Blackhouse Arbor Employee Resource Group (ERG). To learn more about the dynamic world of EMEA content marketing or to share a dog trick or two, feel free to connect with Adrina on LinkedIn.

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