Introducing Report Builder: personalized reporting feature now live

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Any department will agree: flexible and insightful reports are key for teams to be able to measure, iterate and improve. This definitely holds true for recruiting teams. The right data, and timely and relevant reporting can help Talent teams improve every aspect of the hiring process. Our (ambitious) goal is to make sure all Greenhouse Recruiting customers can analyze their reporting data with a tool that matches their reporting capabilities.

Drumroll please… Introducing our new personalized reporting feature, Report Builder. Providing more flexibility for Greenhouse Recruiting Power Reporting Users, Pro, and Enterprise customers than ever before, we're able to address those with mid-level reporting sophistication.

With Greenhouse Report Builder, you can personalize reporting in the most relevant way possible for your organization. In a few clicks, you can now build reports for pipeline funnel visibility, observe trends over time, and compare the key metrics that matter to you (including custom fields!). Not only do we want to make you more efficient, but with features like “save and schedule reports”, you’ll be able to accelerate information sharing across the organization to make those weekly meetings with your exec team a breeze.

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Since learning from our customers is a cornerstone of Greenhouse values, we collaborated closely with many of them to ensure this feature would reflect real use cases and needs. For example, after receiving a key piece of feedback through the beta program, we collaborated on functionality to make the feature even more flexible. Customers are responding in a big way:

Brandon Morrill, Director of Talent Acquisition from TripAdvisor said that "Being able to filter by custom job fields is awesome. I can't wait to leverage this feature to make my reporting insights even more rich, relevant and interesting."

Report Builder allows Greenhouse users to leverage new reports across a variety of different metrics:

  • Trend Reports: Analyze trends by different jobs, offices, departments and sources over time to gain insight on historical performance
  • Pipeline Reports: Break out pipeline activity to obtain a granular view of every action taken by your people team to bring your organization to where it is today
  • Multiple Metrics Reports: Play with x and y axes to compare and analyze the metrics you care most about and seamlessly click-and-drag to adjust metrics and the order in which they appear

“I love the new pipeline reports! I definitely needed this - helps me report on the past and current health of my pipeline and gives me visibility into the recruiting activity that’s happening in each stage of the process.” - Andrea Vinkler, People Operations Specialist from Roblox

Our reporting suite now address all levels of user sophistication, from those just beginning on their reporting journey, all the way through to those who crave more advanced data configurations. For those who want the easiest overview of their hiring operations, we offer over 40 pre-built intuitive reports to help you gain a big picture view and efficiently get data in front of the people that need it most.

For the most advanced data views, using our configurable tools (BI Connector, Google Sheets Connector) help you visualize how your most important metrics have changed over time.

With Report Builder, you’re now equipped with tools to personalize and tailor reporting to your organization. The feature is not as pre-set as the basic functionality, and not as free-handed as the advanced tools (BI Connector, Google Sheets Connector). It’s just right for mid-level reporting needs.

Want to learn more?

Are you currently a Greenhouse Recruiting Core user and looking to leverage Reports Builder? Visit to explore upgrading with Power Reports or moving to Pro.

For more detailed explanations on how to leverage Report Builder to your advantage, check out the Trend Reports, Pipeline Reports Overview, Multiple Metrics Report in our Help Center.