Interview with a customer support specialist: how a positive candidate experience made an impact

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If it’s one thing we hear from our customers very often, it’s the overwhelmingly positive feedback about the level of support they receive and how impactful it is to their success in using Greenhouse. At the core of that support lies our outstanding Customer Support team. Our Customer Support Specialists stand on the front lines and lead our efforts to evangelize Greenhouse as not just a set of useful recruiting features, but as a platform for organizational change. Often cited by our users as the "best thing about Greenhouse,” our Customer Support Specialists are always ready to answer questions, troubleshoot any issues, and provide a great user experience.

I recently sat down with Caitlin Dean, one of our Customer Support Specialists, to get some insight into her journey to Greenhouse and experience so far. Read on to learn more, and find out about the effects of crafting a memorable candidate experience.

AJ: So, I know I was actually the recruiter working with you during the interview process, but I’d like to hear a bit from you about your journey to Greenhouse.

Caitlin: I first noticed Greenhouse when I was applying to other jobs. I kept noticing that a lot of companies had this “Powered by Greenhouse” logo at the bottom of their job applications. Something else they all had in common was that job applications for any company using Greenhouse were always the easiest and most straightforward applications to submit. Not to mention that all of those companies using Greenhouse were really awesome and innovative. I liked how easy the product was to use and remember thinking, “Hmmm this is interesting let me investigate more.” Once I saw a job opening that resonated with me, I knew that I had to apply.

AJ: That’s such an interesting way to learn about us! Looking back on everything, how would you describe the interview process?

Caitlin: The interview process was the smoothest and most in-depth process I’ve been through. From start to finish, it only took about a month, which is a very efficient time frame compared to any other experiences I’ve had. The process was clearly structured and I found a lot of value in each step, with each interviewer asking smart questions that weren’t redundant and gave me the opportunity to learn about the company and culture. It also really allowed me to show all the different ways I could be a great fit for the role and company. Everyone felt prepared for their interviews which created an amazing experience for me as a candidate. I could really tell the difference between interviewers that were using Greenhouse and interviewers that weren’t.

AJ: As recruiters, we put so much emphasis on our structured hiring process for exactly that reason- to make sure you have the best candidate experience possible. So, what attracted you to the customer support field?

Caitlin: I had worked in different customer support type roles for other tech companies, but I knew those weren’t the right fit for me. I enjoyed helping customers and being a problem solver, but I really wanted to work with a great product that I believe in and feel like I could make an impact in the organization. It’s really important to me that I have the ability to connect with other teams and comfortably ask questions around the product and our customers.

AJ: I can definitely see how that lends to a position in customer support. How would you describe your role as a Customer Support Specialist here at Greenhouse?

Caitlin: Honestly, I get to wear every hat imaginable! I get to be a product expert, help with troubleshooting issues, and educate customers on best practices and strategies when using Greenhouse. Beyond that, I’ve been able to grow personally and find areas that are interesting to me outside of the day-to-day aspects of the role. I can take on projects that are related to the product’s tech, analytics, or creating documentation. Not only do those projects give me the opportunity to grow, but they also provide a benefit to my team and our customers.

AJ: That’s really awesome that you’ve been able to experience that personal and professional growth with us. What have been some of your favorite moments on the job so far?

Caitlin: That’s a really tough question! I think I’d have to go with the feeling of interacting with our customers on chat. Over time, you start to notice that some users will reach out to the Support team regularly and it’s so great to build relationships with them. It almost feels like you’re talking to a friend or a good work colleague because you have that connection and they trust you to provide the help they need.

AJ: I think that’s such a cool perk of the job! Zooming out a bit, how would you describe your overall experience at Greenhouse?

Caitlin: I have felt so empowered to bring my whole self to work. There’s the base level understanding that we’re humans, that I’m a human, and we treat each other like that. I feel respected and valued at Greenhouse. What makes it even more special is that my coworkers are excited to work with me and hear my thoughts and opinions to solutions.

AJ: I completely agree with that. It’s definitely a special feeling being part of such an authentic company culture. It’s been really great catching up with you, Caitlin. Do you have any advice you’d like to share for someone looking to get into customer support?

Caitlin: To really be successful at customer support, especially in a tech environment like Greenhouse, it’s incredibly important to have a problem-solving mentality and a lot of curiosity. Being curious is important because that’s how you become a subject matter expert and provide that awesome support to customers. You have to be comfortable taking on something you’re not quite sure about and use the resources you have available to learn about it. Reach out to other colleagues, ask questions! That’s how you learn. It’s also important to be tech savvy. While you are interacting with customers a lot, there are some technical aspects of the role that can be challenging, as well. It’s all about having that perfect mix of being knowledgeable technically and a customer enthusiast.

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