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At Greenhouse, we know getting measurably better at hiring and moving up the Hiring Maturity curve takes strategic effort. That’s why we do our best to make it easier for you to understand and apply new product features and functionalities in your hiring workflows.

To that end, we’re excited to share that we’re going to package our upcoming product releases into distinct themes to help you improve your hiring process. This will allow us to more cohesively share the impact of new functionalities, help you understand how to use new features to strengthen your processes and ultimately save your already crowded email inbox.

When there’s a new packaged release announcement, we’ll provide you with our most recent exciting and innovative features, categorized within Greenhouse’s 2023 core themes.

Our 2023 product themes

This year, we’re focusing our product development around three key themes that address the current talent market and feedback from the Greenhouse community.

Our 2023 themes to help improve your hiring process are:

Accountability: Enhance your team’s ability to align, collaborate and deliver against their goals

Scale: Scale the business for disparate and remote teams across the world

Talent discovery: Continually up-level the quality of your pipeline

These likely feel familiar to you, and that’s the intention. We’ve organized our product roadmap around these themes because they’re based on a foundation we’ve already laid – and will continue to build on – for our customers.

Since we’ll focus on those three themes this year – accountability, scale and talent discovery– let’s explore how our new features align with each one to elevate your hiring processes.

Our spring theme: Accountability

There’s no question that it takes a dedicated team effort to make great hires and drive measurable results. This starts with holding your teams and employer brand accountable.

We’re adding three features to an already wide array of tools designed to increase accountability at your organization, like interview scorecards, job kickoff forms and in-app reminders to help mitigate unconscious bias.

These new features will allow you to provide more transparency and set clearer expectations for your teams.

Greenhouse Goals: Set, track and measure your hiring targets with Greenhouse Goals so your team can align on expectations, work more efficiently and gain greater visibility into their objectives, all in one place.

Greenhouse Onboarding new hire goals
Easily measure your new hires' progress with onboarding milestones that give them the structure and assurance they need to become productive, confident teammates more quickly.

Pay transparency
Attract more candidates and take a big step toward pay equity with a standardized method to easily display salary ranges on jobs. This way, you can cut back on manual errors and ensure your company stays compliant.

Scale and talent discovery releases

While accountability is our focus this spring, we’ve launched a range of other features to help you scale your business, like automated user management, bulk candidate improvements and an HRIS Link dev center. We’ve also developed features to help strengthen the quality of your pipeline, like “send on behalf of” and reporting enhancements in Greenhouse Sourcing Automation.

Here’s what you can expect

We’ll share quarterly announcements on our release hub, which will detail resources and guidance on each release so you can start using those features right away.

We’re thrilled to bring you these new thematic releases and to be your strategic hiring partner every step of the way.

Check out more details on our spring releases and get a sneak peek of what else is in store here.

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Sarah Hooker

Sarah Hooker

is a Senior Director of Marketing at Greenhouse and leads the product, customer and international marketing teams. She has spent most of her career so far at healthcare and HR tech companies, including LinkedIn, Justworks, Amazon and various startups, building and leading account management and marketing teams. She’s also a certified executive coach, helping people realize their strengths and feel great about their work. When she’s not leading marketing teams, she enjoys traveling, hiking and going to live shows. Find Sarah on LinkedIn.

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