Your guide to distributed hiring and remote working in 2020

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With the majority of companies expanding their distributed work models in 2020, it’s more important than ever for companies to create processes and set expectations to reach their business goals without losing momentum. But with so much uncertainty, what exactly should companies be focused on to optimize their team’s hiring and working abilities from afar?

Luckily, at Greenhouse we’re well-versed in supporting companies with longtime distributed working models, such as InVision, Webflow, Mozilla, Elastic and GitLab. And our internal thought leaders not only use our Greenhouse product remotely, but are focused every day on optimizing the candidate and employee experience. What better way to share these insights than to create a new eBook: Distributed hiring and remote working: The essential guide.

In our new eBook, you’ll find practical guidance to help you and your team adjust to hiring and working in distributed teams (or optimize your current processes), optimize your remote interviewing, hiring and onboarding, as well as learn best practices for remote communication, collaboration and company culture.

Download our eBook now to discover:

  • Guidance and advice for recruiters on how to handle all aspects of remote hiring
  • Best practices on video interviewing and running remote interactive interviews such as code assessments
  • Detailed tips on how to effectively onboard remote employees
  • Ideas to promote company values and maintain your culture in a distributed environment
  • Distributed work best practices for everyone

The world of work may be changing and Greenhouse is here to help you navigate it. We hope this practical guide helps enable you to get the most out of distributed work and set you and your teams up for success.

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