Greenhouse product news: engage recruiting stakeholders across the organization with Greenhouse reports and visualizations

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High-performing recruiting teams use data to proactively change behavior in the hiring process. Data empowers recruiters to act as strategic talent consultants – it allows them to put numbers and proof behind their hiring strategies with the goal of driving behavior change, create a better candidate experience and enable a strong hiring culture across the organization.

Many of the challenges recruiters face around data relate to how to leverage it consistently while also navigating conversations with different stakeholders by sharing the right insights. From recruiting partners to hiring managers and executives, it requires the ability to understand what each stakeholder needs, and then figure out how to consistently produce and distribute it in a compelling way.

At Greenhouse, our mission is to help companies become great at hiring. As part of that mission, we enable our customers to implement a data-driven approach to hiring with a number of tools to help you proactively engage the various stakeholders throughout your business.

Engage Early and Proactively with Your Stakeholders

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With Greenhouse’s 30+ pre-built reports, we help you answer common hiring questions, from the quality of your sourcing strategies and the health of your pipeline to an overview of your team’s recruiting activities. Don’t wait for your stakeholders to ask, be proactive – with Greenhouse, you can schedule specific reports to be automatically emailed to the right people, at the right time, so that you can control the narrative, give them the “why” and keep them engaged and invested throughout the entire hiring process.

Announcing Visualizations: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

To help you bring your data to life in the best possible way, visualizations are now part of Greenhouse Recruiting Reports. Filter, save and share beautiful reports and visuals with executives and other stakeholders to tell a detailed and engaging story. Visualizations allow your stakeholders to quickly understand vital insights on your organization’s hiring. From how the pipeline is looking to how many applications and referrals are coming through, or the quality of your sourcing strategies, among our many reports

At Greenhouse, we’re continuously enhancing our reporting capabilities to enable Recruiting and Operations leaders to drive their organizations to become more data-driven, encourage consistent improvement and become truly great at hiring.

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