Hire for what’s next.

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We founded Greenhouse in 2012 to help companies become great at hiring

As co-founders, Jon Stross and I were motivated by the past success we’d experienced in building hiring “machines” to source, attract and hire the best people for our respective businesses. We were determined to build a business that would help companies unlock the power of human potential at work while also finding solutions to the most important problems in hiring today.

We’re humbled and grateful for the success that Greenhouse is experiencing today. Our mission of helping companies become great at hiring is as meaningful as ever. We see the impact of great hiring manifesting in the performance of the almost 4,000 customers on the Greenhouse platform.

A new brand story

Despite this success, in 2019, we realized that something was still missing. The market for top talent has never been more competitive, yet many companies still act as though finding and hiring great people is only an HR problem.

Helping companies become great at hiring has always been about more than just selling a high-performance ATS to make recruiting easier and faster while delivering a better candidate experience. Working with the best and most successful companies has allowed us to see that business success comes from having leaders who make talent an integral part of all major strategic decisions. These business leaders are more effective partners to recruiters and talent professionals, ensuring that the focus on hiring is woven into the daily habits and work of hiring managers and teams throughout the company.

This realization became the inspiration for our new brand story about the confidence that comes from knowing how to be great at hiring. In a world where competition for talent has never been greater, Greenhouse gives companies the confidence to know how to make hiring their strength. When companies turn hiring into a competitive advantage, they can take on whatever’s next for them, whether that’s hiring thousands of people, opening a new office or launching an ambitious new product. This message is encapsulated in the new tagline we’ll be using in all our communication: Hire for what’s next.

A fresh brand look

In addition to a new brand story, we also worked to refresh our look and feel.

Greenhouse has always been distinctive. As a tech company, our brand, our use of botanical imagery and the ways in which our customers engage with us are unique. A big part of refreshing the look and feel of the brand was retaining the elements that customers love.

As a people-first company, we want to better express the power of the human element in everything we do. That’s why, on our new website and on branded materials, you’ll see plants combined with leaf illustrations representing human fingerprints. The outcome is a combination of elements that is undeniably Greenhouse.

A new website

The Greenhouse website is one of the most important access points for customers and prospects to engage with us and our huge ecosystem of partner companies.

As a valued destination for thought leadership about hiring, we’ve built an extensive library of content dedicated to solving customer pain points. Organized by solution, our goal is to guide and advise companies along the path from good to great hiring, from improving the candidate experience and reducing bias in the interview process to understanding the business value of top talent.

We explore these topics and many more on our blog and in our resources section, through downloadable eBooks, webinars and other learning opportunities. We’ve also collected first-hand stories from our customers who are using Greenhouse to hire for what’s next.

The confidence to take on what’s next

Today, our brand better reflects the way we’ve grown and expanded since our founding. As CEO, I was closely involved in – and really enjoyed being part of – the creative process. We’re taking on 2020 with a uniting brand message and a completely new website designed to provide actionable guidance on what it takes to become great at hiring.

Our Greenhouse mission
Daniel Chait

Daniel Chait

is CEO and Co-founder of Greenhouse. As a technology entrepreneur in New York for over 22 years, Dan is a frequent speaker on the topics of recruiting and entrepreneurship. He has presented at numerous venues, including the General Assembly, the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship, Launch Scale, DEMO Traction and the Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference. Dan graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Engineering (#GoBlue!).