Greenhouse Goals: A new way to get measurably better at hiring

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In today’s hiring landscape, there’s little room for error. This added pressure means hiring teams often struggle to understand how they can improve hiring outcomes and meet hiring targets by the end of the year. But that’s because you can’t get better if you don’t know what you need to improve – or how to improve it. Teams need to understand what their hiring goals are and should be. When they don’t, they’ll underperform and improvement will seem like a distant, unattainable dream.

That’s where Greenhouse Goals come in.

Greenhouse Goals exists to create transparency on how to achieve these outcomes, accountability for the work being done, and guidance on opportunities for improvement for all core users.–Robby Perdue, Lead Product Manager for Goals and Group Product Manager at Greenhouse

Greenhouse Goals sets hiring teams up with what they need to align on internal expectations and track against targets so they can get measurably better at hiring. By allowing them to set their own hiring goals and easily track their progress, there’s more visibility and shared accountability across the organization. Plus, using reports guided by these hiring goals empowers hiring teams to routinely evaluate their processes and identify gaps to drive a more efficient hiring process.

How can Greenhouse Goals help you?

  • Promote shared accountability using cross-functional hiring goals to allow visibility into everyone’s work

  • Streamline your hiring processes by setting clear objectives with hiring metrics that lead to greater speed and efficiency

  • Enable tighter collaboration by aligning on and tracking against unified goals

  • Drive more predictable outcomes by consistently measuring your status against established goals

Here’s how it works

Set goals

Greenhouse Goals UI

Easily set goals for yourself or your entire company. You can choose from a list of possible goals, select your target and frequency – and you’re off!

There are two types of goals:

Company or department goals are performance targets set by site administrators for entire teams or even the organization as a whole. Some examples might be:

  • We will review all applications within two days

  • We will make an approval decision on offers within one day

Individual goals are targets for core activities, set by individuals. Some examples might be:

  • I will add 10 candidates to Job X per week

  • I’ll make 25 hires this quarter, etc.

Track your progress

Greenhouse all-together platform UI

Once you set up your goals, they’ll appear in your dashboard right when you log in to your Greenhouse account. Your dashboard will show all your goals – both company and individual – along with your attainment against those targets based on the frequency set. You can then use your goals to easily see where you might need to focus your efforts for that day or the week ahead.

Measure your success

Greenhouse Reports UI

View your performance and your team’s performance over time using reports. Use data and hiring metrics, not intuition, to identify performance gaps and blind spots. Share these reports with stakeholders and leadership to highlight areas for improvement – and to celebrate team successes.

We’re so excited to see what you accomplish. If you’re interested in Greenhouse Goals, you can learn more by heading to the help center in Greenhouse to get started.

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Joanna Donnan

Joanna Donnan

is a Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse, where she works closely with our product teams to deliver new features to customers. Prior to Greenhouse, Joanna worked at a variety of software companies, from a small fintech to a large travel company. A Chicago native, she now finds herself living in the hot and humid city of Houston, Texas.

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