News: Greenhouse is Textio’s first ATS integration

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Customers of both Greenhouse and Textio can now seamlessly get Textio’s data-powered language insights directly within Greenhouse to make creating and publishing job descriptions easier, smarter and less time-consuming.

We’re excited to share that Textio has chosen Greenhouse as its first ATS integration partner. Tapping into the strength of Greenhouse’s open APIs and with the purpose of directly supporting our mutual customers, this integration makes life easier whenever you’re using Greenhouse and Textio together.

Having Textio at our fingertips within Greenhouse is essential in ensuring that our job descriptions attract a diverse set of candidates.
– Eric Richmond, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at CarGurus and Greenhouse/Textio integration beta tester

As a joint customer of Greenhouse and Textio, Eric added that “the seamless way that we're able to get Textio's language insights immediately as we are filling out the job description in Greenhouse allows us to understand the impact of our job posts before we publish them.”

Time-saving techniques are highly valued in our always-on work lives, and the biggest benefits to customers who use Textio’s integration with Greenhouse are better collaboration and plenty of time saved. With no need to switch between platforms, users can make the most of Textio’s augmented writing technology directly within their Greenhouse dashboard.

This integration:

  • Simplifies recruiter and hiring manager workflows
  • Creates better collaboration within a central workspace
  • Allows hiring managers and job approvers to view their Textio score, tone and guidance for each job post directly within Greenhouse.

Textio is renowned for its award-winning augmented writing technology, which reveals data-driven language insights as you write so you can choose how you want to sound before you hit “publish” or “send.” Fueled by a global data set of more than half a billion documents and their associated outcomes, Textio transforms your talent pipeline by starting at the very top: with how you talk to people about jobs. Textio accurately predicts how well your writing will compete for talent, suggests changes to attract a more qualified, diverse candidate pool and actively writes with you to build new hiring content in a fraction of the time.

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Jon Gordner, Director of Product at Textio, says: “We are excited to be working with Greenhouse as our first ATS integration so we can support our strong and fast-growing mutual customer base. With this integration, Textio and Greenhouse customers will have access to the power of augmented writing wherever they are working.”

Great hiring software is just one piece of a larger tech stack puzzle. At Greenhouse, we know that no two companies need exactly the same configuration. Which is why we’re committed to continuously growing our partner ecosystem integration. With 325+ prebuilt integrations, you can easily connect Greenhouse with the industry’s best tools. With thousands of Greenhouse customers, we are keenly aware of the demand on talent professionals to leverage new tools to broaden their tech stacks and drive impact for their businesses. Giving customers the ability to select from a vast and varied network of products and to know those solutions are integrated into Greenhouse is critical.

“We're thrilled to partner with Textio and empower our customers with their exciting augmented writing technology," said Dane Hurtubise, Greenhouse VP of Platform and Partnerships. "Their offering helps our mutual users quickly spot possible bias in their writing and suggests data-powered editorial changes that enable recruiters and hiring managers to better find the best candidates for their roles.”

Textio has been widely adopted by enterprises around the world, including Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Cisco, American Express, Expedia, ViacomCBS, Credit Suisse, Twitter and Slack. In fact, 24% of Fortune 100 companies use Textio to improve their business communications. Textio’s connected language platform is used on all seven continents. By using language insights from Textio, people and companies show that they value how they sound in the world, and want to change it to better reflect their company culture.

At Greenhouse, we believe a culture of belonging sets the foundation for people from diverse backgrounds to be their most authentic selves and do their best work. It’s why our solutions are designed to address unconscious bias throughout every stage of the hiring process. By building a deeply integrated solution for Greenhouse and Textio mutual customers, we’re enabling hiring managers and recruiters to use inclusive, on-brand language to improve the hiring process when it matters most: right at the beginning.

If you’re already a customer of Textio and Greenhouse, learn more and reach out to your Textio customer success manager to discuss pricing and implementation. If you’re new to Textio, reach out to

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