Drafted built the Layoff Network to connect people to jobs faster, and it’s free for the Greenhouse community

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We’ve been a Greenhouse integration partner now for almost 3 years, and have had the privilege of serving many Greenhouse customers in that time. Today we are making the Layoff Network platform available for free to the entire Greenhouse community – whether you’re a customer or not.

Here’s what’s different about the current layoffs compared to normal times. In normal times, companies doing layoffs are served by agencies that charge upwards of $1,000 per person. The companies that are hiring often end up paying recruiting fees, too.

It used to make sense because good performers don’t get laid off (during more predictable times). When you thought about a layoff you’d typically think about companies optimizing their performance and letting go of underperforming business units, There was a stigma associated with that.

Right now, layoffs are primarily happening as a function of cash conservation, as opposed to performance optimization.
– Trenton Kenagy

The stigma has nearly vanished. What’s more, companies don’t have the ability or desire to pay thousands of dollars a person for outplacement services when they’re simply trying to save cash.

Because of this, many of the people coming out of these companies are strong performers in their field and have a career path they already know. They don’t need help writing their resume. All they need is a direct introduction to a good company that’s still hiring.

We’ve built a best practice to help talent that is laid off get connected quickly with companies that are hiring, using your own company network.

In March, we announced the Drafted Layoff Network – which is currently the largest collection of companies exchanging talent in the technology industry, and rapidly growing to other sectors.

In under a month, 800 recruiters (75% of which are part of corporate in-house talent teams) are already hiring actively on this platform. Hundreds of companies are represented by the displaced talent that is opting-in to it.

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Here’s how it works if your company is going through a layoff:

  • Nominate departing employees on the platform and then have their managers write a quick recommendation for them
  • Company alumni opt in to make their nominations visible to the network of recruiters on Drafted
  • We can help you import a list and optionally distribute it to 5,000 companies

The “recruiters” on the layoff network are not just talent professionals. There are startup founders looking for their employee #3, VPs of Engineering at mid-size companies, talent teams at Fortune companies, warehouse managers, alarm installation providers, you name it. Drafted helps match the right people in the network with the right recruiters, and it’s always opt-in.

Here’s how it works if you’re in the fortunate position of still hiring:

  • You sign up on app.drafted.us and click “I want to hire”
  • You see a live feed of candidates that you can put filters on to show you the folks that match what you’re looking for
  • You can post a job to make yourself available in search and direct outreach from talented people

I am truly saddened to see so many talented people and businesses being negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. But I believe that the way through is together, where everyone helps by contributing in the ways they can.

At Drafted we decided to focus on helping with what we’re best at – connecting company networks and empowering talent to move through them.

Join the Drafted network to help get people back to work. If you need help, you can reach the team at layoffs@drafted.us, or email Vinayak at vinayak@drafted.us.

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Vinayak Ranade

Vinayak Ranade

is the founder and CEO at Drafted. Drafted empowers every company with network recruiting best practices, which is used by hundreds of businesses ranging from startups to the Fortune 500. When COVID-19 hit, Drafted repurposed their technology to build the Drafted Layoff Network to connect thousands of displaced people to the companies that are still hiring.