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Today’s leading talent teams are more advanced than ever. They’ve evolved their understanding of the recruiting funnel, and are implementing metrics-driven approaches to make smarter decisions, hire the right people and move their companies toward success.

And with this necessary upleveling comes a new set of challenges, from tracking the right recruiting metrics and keeping your data clean to synthesizing your information into insights for your executive team.

In our previous Greenhouse Reporting blog, we revealed how we approach extensive customer feedback head on with product enhancements to increase data quality access with important new reporting fields. Now, we’ve got even bigger news.

A more intuitive data experience

Not everyone is a data scientist, but now anyone can be equipped with the right tools and information to gain valuable recruiting insights with the all-new Greenhouse Report Builder. We’ve completely overhauled and refreshed the Report Builder tool to elevate the custom reporting experience with an arsenal of improvements to help customers find the answers they need, when they need them.

The Report Builder overhaul provides users with better, more intuitive access to a range of capabilities. Here’s a quick snapshot of its upleveled value:

  • A more intuitive design with all-new flows and a searchable template library
  • A live preview of reports as their being built and edited
  • Complex metrics reports with access to new data fields like candidates, offers, jobs, departments, offices and openings, as well as custom fields
  • All new, powerful Boolean filters and the ability to layer multiple filters
  • Custom trend and pipeline charts and more

Simplify and synthesize with templates and filters

As customer capabilities increased, so did the need for more granularity when extracting the right data. That’s why it was critical that the Report Builder user experience strike the right balance of flexibility and simplicity.

This new Report Builder will become your new best friend – there to support you when you need it most. It’s equipped with new filter selections, advanced Boolean operators and the ability to layer multiple filters when building a report.

Greenhouse Report builder filters

These features will allow you to answer any and all of the plethora of questions, from the relatively simple to the extremely complex, that inevitably arise when working with a variety of stakeholders. Questions like:

  • How can I see all the candidates for roles in which I’m the recruiter?
  • What does the current pipeline of jobs look like for the design department specifically?
  • Which candidates were rejected in the last three months, and what are their rejection reasons and sourcing details?
  • How long does it take us to get enough qualified candidates to fill a Product Manager role?

In addition to these important filtering options we added, it was crucial that the UX be intuitive for all kinds of people with al variety of reporting experience.

Find what you need, faster

In our research we found that it was taking our users too long to find answers and get their hands on the data they needed to help tell their stories. We recognized the need to provide the right guidance and helpful prompts for the varying range of data literacy across our user base.

Greenhouse Report builder dashboard

We’re excited about the results of our quest to create an easier, faster discovery process, which empower users with the ability to:

  • Set smarter defaults so they can access the most important data, faster
  • Live preview while building and editing reports
  • Access an intuitive template library organized by Candidates, Jobs, Departments, Offices, Offerings, Openings, Pipeline History by Job and Offer Details
  • Build their own custom templates that fit their specific needs
  • Pull data faster with significantly speedier load times across reports

The journey of building great reporting tools is never complete, and we will continue to iterate and build better solutions to meet our customers’ challenges. This new Report Builder marks an important milestone in our journey to help customers access the right data at the right time and realize their fullest potential.

Ready to uplevel your reporting with Greenhouse? Learn more from the help center article.

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Robby Perdue

Robby Perdue

is a Group Product Manager at Greenhouse, where he focuses on the growth and retention of our Enterprise and international business segments. When not tinkering with Greenhouse reports or speaking with customers, you’ll often find him painting or trying to recreate the perfect chicken marsala.

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