5 modern HR innovations to improve the employee lifecycle

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As a people-person, you are committed to your employees. The ultimate goal is to hire top talent and keep that talent engaged. If you’re recognizing areas in the employee lifecycle that need improvement or perhaps you’re seeing top talent leave your company, you’re not alone. Most (if not all companies) are trying to improve their employee lifecycle. What we do know is that the employees we have are everything. But what we don’t always have the answers to is how to keep these employees at our organizations.

There are a lot of tools in the HR world that are fortunately providing resources to retain talent. Question is, where does one begin?

To explore this, the teams at Greenhouse, Human Interest (formerly Captain401), Udemy, Blueboard, and Culture Amp came together to discuss disruptive technologies that are reinventing the employee experience. Here’s a snapshot of what was covered in this webinar conversation.

Greenhouse: Recruitment & Onboarding

Finding great hires that will add value to the organization is one of the most important achievements a recruiter makes. But how do you know you’re doing this effectively? Well, it starts with a structured hiring process and then is followed with onboarding (even before the employee's first day).

By investing in recruiting and onboarding tools you’re not only creating a delightful and memorable experience for the candidate but you’re also contributing to the overall success of the business. The hiring market may be saturated in a race for top talent but having a structured interview process that intelligently guides you creates a culture that hiring is based on attributes and skills rather than gut feel - which means more quality hires.

Human Interest: Benefits & Compensation

In order to stay up to par with competitors your benefits and compensation plan need to have a lasting impact on your employees. The ping pong table doesn’t cut it anymore (sure it’s a plus) but it’s not the reason that your employees stay.

What are you currently doing to positively impact employees lives? One way is doing the research for them. There is so much jargon out there and it’s hard for employees to understand what they may or may not be investing in. Do the upfront work and assess technologies that will allow them to save on their future.

Udemy: Learning and Development

To boost engagement in an organization, learning and development is a strategy that minimizes churn. Though it’s sometimes considered a nice to have, in reality, it should be a key step in the employee lifecycle. Candidates are interested in learning opportunities, they want to be prepared for the next step in their career. As an employer it’s your responsibility to get them up to speed and have that next step in their career still be at your company. But, how do you enable that progres?

Often times it’s done by creating training programs but the content isn’t always relevant to everyone. Investing in tools that allow the employee to navigate in areas they’re interested in improves retention and connects them to a modern day world.

Blueboard: Employee Recognition

It’s crucial to make sure your employee knows they’re feeling valued at work. Traditionally, investing in gift cards or cash were ways to recognize coworkers but what’s lacking is the personalization component. How do you create an environment that’s celebrating the success of others?

Recognizing achievements and creating that type of culture reinforces positivity. It’s something that isn’t meant to just highlight top performs but those who are actively contributing. These type of tools help improve positive engagement and increase retention rates.

Culture Amp: Employee Feedback

Feedback is critical, engaged employees have a real impact on the bottom line and by creating ways for employees to leave feedback you’re able to assess what’s working and what needs improvement.

Examining tools that are focused on data and psychology helps grow a culture. What’s important here is you’re also providing a platform for your employees to express themselves.

Times are changing in the HR world. We’re in a modern workplace where there are thousands of tools at our fingertips. What’s important to remember is to stay ahead and examine the areas that need the most attention. We can’t do it all but we can lean on technology that will help improve the employee lifecycle. Good luck and happy hiring!

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