4 great recruiting tools for finding top talent

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Finding the right person for every open job is a challenging task for recruiters. In addition to making sure their experience and skills align with the role, talent teams also need to ensure each candidate will be a great culture add. As a recruiter, it’s your responsibility to create a pool of diverse talent that embodies the company’s mission, values and brand.

With the demand for talent more competitive than ever before – and companies creating compelling roles to match – it’s common to see a plethora of applicants vying for one role. This can make the review process of wading through hundreds of applications to surface qualified candidates even more difficult and time-consuming.

This is where sourcing and recruiting tools are invaluable – automating this process to quickly find the best prospects that fit your criteria is a game-changer.

So how can you get started? We’ve compiled this short list of 4 great sourcing and recruiting tools to help you find, attract and snag great talent.

1. Textio to optimize job descriptions

The best candidates have plenty of opportunities to choose from in your industry, so it’s essential to stand out when convincing them to pick your company for their next career move.

Textio is a recruitment marketing tool that lets you build custom job ads for open positions, while utilizing previous data to assess and predict the highest performing ads.

If you’re using complicated jargon in your job description, you might be deterring prospects from applying since this language could sound intimidating to them. The words you use in your messaging can make a huge difference in whether prospects apply to your company’s open roles. Textio helps you tailor your message according to your target audience and optimize your job ads so they appeal to your ideal prospects.

2. Harver to pre-select applicants

Reviewing seemingly endless applications can take up most of your time in the recruiting process, leaving you with less time for other core activities.

Harver offers recruiting software that revamps the prequalification process by gathering the necessary data to find the best candidates and then ruling out those who aren’t a great match.

The software helps eliminate bias and improve diversity by evaluating candidates’ skills across 15 assessment modules including culture add, cognitive ability and video interviewing to optimize the screening process. There are also situational judgment tests that can be customized to your company’s needs for the position.

Harver has an additional feature that lets candidates schedule their interviews and then automatically adds them to your calendar. And you can rest assured that only the most suitable candidates will be interviewing for the position.

3. Codility to assess coding and technical skills

The interview process for hiring top engineering talent can be challenging and time-consuming for engineering managers and recruiters.

Codility solves this problem by using efficient workflows and evaluating candidates’ technical skills to develop high-performing teams and accelerate the hiring process.

This recruiting tool allows you to create role-specific assessments to thoroughly screen candidates before moving them onto the interview stage. There’s also a feature to host onsite or remote interviews through a shared editor using whiteboards and templates.

Codility helps remove bias through structured interviews and accurate code tests so hiring managers can feel confident in building equitable interview processes while delivering great candidate experiences.

4. Sourcing Automation to easily connect with new prospects

One of the most daunting tasks in the recruitment process is contacting the right prospects. A manual recruiting process usually includes finding prospects on LinkedIn, searching for their email addresses and identifying the best way to contact them – it’s an exhausting, time-eating process.

Greenhouse is excited to launch Sourcing Automation, which helps you integrate all these steps on one platform to reduce your workload and increase your efficiency. You can use the Chrome extension to source prospects’ emails with one click and add them directly to your email campaigns. You can then automate your workflow to send personalized emails to them. With Sourcing Automation, you can easily sync prospects and email activity to track email communication and campaign performance.

This new sourcing solution can help you find, reach and engage top talent more quickly and effectively – all within Greenhouse.

Sourcing and hiring talented, capable people for your company is challenging. But you don't need a lengthy and cumbersome recruiting process – recruiting tools like these can help you easily find and hire great talent for your company today.

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